Yet another Vid!

Hello, I can only make video 1 week on 2 so when I have some clips I just make a small video. I did some easy trials today and earlier this week, sometimes next week I’m gonna go find some better trials spots that no one have seen yet in a video:). Anyway here is some easy trials

Please comment!

Awesome video, Jacob! Your trials is so smooth, you have a great style.

And your unicycle!!! Droooool. It’s gorgeous.

Keep it up,


Cool, the hop onto the table was impresive.

Unngghh… I was thinking the same thing. I want to inflict my carnal urges upon your unicycle, jaco.

Nice and layed-back video.

Thanks everyone for the comments. The table is the only cool thing I can do around my place, or maybe another table. For my unicycle, I’m glad you like it but, it looks even better in real life:)