Yet another uni on TV

On ‘The Big Moment’ on ABC where they give people prizes if they can do some
challenging task like spin plates they are going to have some guy riding a
unicycle. It is on right now so you probably missed it.


Re: Yet another uni on TV

The newspaper mentioned “man rides Unicycle” as partof the description of “The
Big Moment” TV program, so I taped the show. A guy who knew nothing about
unicycling was given 5 days to learn to ride a uni over a short obstacle course
(his Big Moment) on the TV program. The course looked to be about 10 meters
across with 3 cones about 2 meters apart he had to ride around. If he succeeded
he would wind cash and prizes of $25,000. Riding was demonstrated by another guy
named Don Pearson who was assigned to help him learn since the task was deemed
to be very difficult. (There were 4 different challenges given for the show.
This was the only one where it was implied the participant would be given any
help learning.) The guy was also given a video camera to record his progress
through the week. During his Big Moment challenge he rode about 3 meters and
fell off as he approached the first cone. He was the only one who failed. I
didn’t feel to sorry for the guy for not getting the $25k. From the looks of his
house where he was practicing (including an exercise room with a dance floor,
ballet bar and wall mirror about 10 meters long, and an his own outside tennis
court) he appeared to be very wealthy. The challenges for the contestants were:
a woman was given an untrained, one year old golden retriever and challenged to
train it to do 5 basic tricks; 4 college girl had to learn to spin 10 or 12
plates on sticks within 2 minutes and keep them spinning an additional 30
seconds once they were all spinning; and a guy was challenged to memorize pi to
100 decimal places.

I don’t think I will be watching again.

Does anyone know Don Pearson?