Yet another trials uni "which should I buy" thread

So, I’m thinking about a trials uni, and am looking to go cheap but strong. It’s more for play than anything serious–I’m 200 lbs and 42, so you won’t see me doing any triple-crank-flip-1080-varials on it. I just want something to mess around with at the local skatepark and such, with drops no bigger than say a picnic table.

I’ve narrowed it to 3:
DX (duh) $260 (can get for $245 shipped on eBay)
Hoppley $350
Nimbus w/Qu-Ax wheelset (splined) $330

Other than weight differences in these three (which are negligible compared to the weight of me), it seems that the hub/crankset and rim are the things that distinguish them. The Hoppley has a 04 KH hub with 127 QuAx cranks and KH Freeride rim; the Nimbus has QuAx hub, rim, and 145 cranks. The DX I already know enough about.

So, given my needs, does anyone have any particular recommendation? Would I likely be perfectly happy with any of these? Is there one here that seems more likely to break than the others (other than the Torker frame)?

I’ve done plenty of searches and have followed threads like these, but haven’t seen the Hoppley and Nimbus compared head-to-head yet. And please no recommendations to buy the KH or Onza or some other uni–I want to keep the discussion to these 3. So, are the Nimbus and Hoppley that much better that they warrant an extra $100 or more?


if i was on the money aspect of it, i’d go for the dx simply beacuse it’s cheap and splined.

the hoppley is a very good unicycle, if i had to choose out of the three i would definatly get the hoppley because of the hub/cranks, and the great KH rim.

but really they’re all going to be good, no matter which one you buy you’ll be happy


hoppley is your best choise, garunteed!

hoppley out of them

Yeah…Out of those 3 the Hoppley is the best. Its pretty heavy but it all the components it has are tried and tested and have proved to be very good.

My vote goes to hoppley.