Yet Another T-Shirt

This idea brewed in my head for a while and I just got the time to put into action.

If I can get at least a dozen ordered, I will go ahead and put the order through. It will be one color on one color, professionally screenprinted. Maybe distressed (its a style of screenprinting).

Any suggestions are welcome and I’m not sure on color at all. What do you think? I was thinking white on black, black on gray, or yellow on green, but have no real idea.

Here’s what it’ll look like. I’m thinking about the size of a sheet of paper or smaller on the front.


Oh yeah it would definitely be under $20 CAD.

Looks pretty cool!

I might possibly be interested.

Thanks, I just realised it doesn’t look very crisp or clean. I drew it on paper then took a pic with a digicam and uploaded it into paint, then colored in the tire and a little other stuff. Would there be a different way to do it better? I mean increase the size, but keep it clean, (the original is like 4 inches high). I hate pixels.


add “I wish”… in brackets and a little unhappy face… THEN you’re on to some sort of crazy emo-unicyclist chick magnet tee-shirt.

I love it, Id all colors and it would be super awesome! I want one.

I would definitely buy it in white on black or yellow on green. That would be sweet.

Nice image overall, I think the seat could use a bit of work with the shading and the typography is a bit hard to read.


I think the picture is spot on.

I’d buy one.

-Maybe an “I wish” on the back.

-EB-Not sure what you said but I will likely keep it to one color.

-I doubt it will be white on black cause I have enough black shirts, haha.

-Yeah I didn’t spend much time on the seat. It wasn’t shading, more just texture to help differentiate. I’ll take a look at it. Unless more folks voice your opinion on the font I think I’ll keep it like that. I like it, and remember it will be bigger.

To the people who said they would take one, thanks.


Edit: I’ll bump again at the start of next week, for high traffic days, and if there isn’t more taken I can’t make em.

How’s this:

unicycle 2.jpg

Personally even though I know what it says at a quick glance i think it says Chicks Dig My Ricle.

Yet another unicycling t-shirt I’ll get in trouble for wearing to unicycle club practice. :slight_smile:
When I wear my Betty Bedford shirt to practice the moms and some of the girls think I’m a sexist pig. I get in big trouble every time I wear it. Me, I think it’s the best unicycling T-shirt evah (except for the AUS t-shirt I got that is really awesome).

I went and photoshopped the image to fix the “D”, make it larger and soften it enough so there is no pixelization.

Just wait a week or two so I can sell my shirts off. It seems like as soon as I made my “COMING SOON” thread everyone else came out with shirts within a day or two.

Ahhh, Chex, now I see it. There always was a little something off with the “ride” but I couldn’t quite place it. Thank you Catboy for fixing it. But I mean, I know chicks dig my ricle. JC if the women get mad at you just say in a non-sexual way, in fact men dig it too, or something.

And Catboy I may hold off for a bit, but junk happened at work and I’m not going to be making as much money this summer as I would have liked and I’m going away next week so I thought I would just put it out there. Thanks again for fixing.



a “I WISH” IN BRACKETS on the back… with three of these little dots -------> …

AND EVEN MAYBE a unhappy face like this one -----> :frowning:

then you’d have a chick magnet tee-shirt.

edit: white on brown

Mark me down for one, Dave.

Aside from the official t-shit for the Cal. Muni Weekend this Oct., we´ve got an underground one in the works as well: Munieer doing a gigantic rolling forward drop, superhero´s body with the head of a hedgehog, with shades, breathing fire.

Also trying to get the covergirl on the SI swimsuit issue to pose for another shirt but her agent hasn´t returned our calls–yet.


do you mind if i copy that image and make it into a sticker

Actually I was thinking about making stickers later too. If you just wanna make one go ahead but if you are looking to sell them I’d ask if you wouldn’t. If my plans to make stickers fall through you can do it by all means.