Yet another road block...

Two days ago I went sledding with my family, a couple times down I flipped
off the sled as it was a very steep hill, I smacked my knee on a rock, but
didn’t think much of it until about two runs later when my knee was wet and
nothing else so I checked it out and I had a big gash, the rock had sliced
through my snow pants, pants and knee, so I had to get 3 stitchs. Now I
can’t ride for w awhile because of these stitchs, I could try to put words
to my anger, but, I don’t think it’d be very appropiate. Blech, this is my
third injury affecting my Unicycle riding in 1 1/2 months…I’m telling ya,
I better not hurt myself more. I don’t know if I can take it!!!

maybe your name itself (UNIpickle)is the jinx

after all your in another pickle…:frowning: