Yet another hopping thread.

Well, I need some hopping help and I have done searching but I just can’t find enough. So here it is:

  1. Do you want to pull the seat up and jump or is that wrong? Because that is what Im doing now.

  2. SIF Hopping… I am starting to ride SIF, so can someone give me some info on hopping SIF and maybe a mini tutorial.

  3. Any other tips?

Thanks :slight_smile:

you can learn sif hopping before you learn sif riding…thats what im doing now acctually…but sif riding really helps for balance. and im gonna say that the way your hopping now is the right way(lifting on the handle) they dont call it a lift handle cuz it looks pretty! geez.

random tip This Site

Heres a little tutorial video i made on hopping it might help a bit.
Here it is. later wes

I think that I just taught my self that pratice makes perfect. I can now hop around in circles and hop multiple times in an enclosed space. Better than yesterday :).