Yet another homemade handlebar

I posted about it on my blog, with some setup shots and details:

Basically, I combined a few ideas from others on the forum.

Here’s a few pics from the page:


hi corbin, looks like you have a pretty decent workshop to have all these handles and stuff made in- and congrats on all your work looking so nice. Your GMuni is pretty much the ride i am selling my soul for to try and buy in this year in time for unicon and currently there is not a handle on the market that i would want to attach to it. I like the look of your design but to me it looks like it would be a bit unwieldly for really technical muni, especially climbing. And it seems that all the weight you save with a alu frame is negated by the length of the boom on the handle.

I am thinking of getting something engineered out of Alu at a friends engineering company that could be bolted on to the front of a CF base (to cut down on the length of the boom) and have smaller handles GB4 style on either side- but at the same time retaining the kh handle at the front. It may not be as good for longer rides but i live for dh and don’t want to compromise that with a big swinging arm between my legs. But please keep us updated on how it goes and how you like it for different types of riding.

I am just a little concerned at the moment with all the talk of broken shlumpfs and stuff like that. Hopefully by the time i have enough money to buy one the problems with them will have been sorted out.

keep up the nice work,

Looks great! Now if there’s anything left of that paint maybe your frame would deserve another paint job. But you should probably strip it first.


Is brazing strong enough for these joints? I agree that it is much easier than welding, and you may even be able to do it with a MAPP torch on metal this thin. I do not know much about how people put together bike frames. Is brazing one of the standard methods?

This is sort of funny. It wasn’t long ago that brazing the standard way bicycles were made. Some of the really high end tubes were silver soldered. In fact welded frames were considered cheap. Aluminum is probably the reason welded frames came into the limelight as it can’t be welded. Early aluminum frames were glued together.

This handle is definitely not for technical muni – it is four touring muni :slight_smile:

But, I agree with you – Al is way better than steel, as it is a ton lighter, and probably just as strong. I just don’t have a way of welding aluminum (I need a TIG welder!). My KH36 handle attaches directly to my CF base, and that works MUCH better than the long boom, and definitely saves some weight.

What is your goal for a handle for muni? In other words, what is the KH handle not doing or working for you? For me, I can’t get both hands on it, which makes it hard to do steep hills. The “muni bar” I made fixes that: Munibar: Mountain Unicycle Handlebar – Corbin's Treehouse – but it is too heavy without a CF base (the bottom bracket has to be really long to keep the whole setup strong, and steel is heavy!).

In addition, I want to be able to quickly attach bar ends for longer rides - I may simply braze/weld on an extension T to the handle above for that purpose. I do have another design in mind that would have adjustable bar ends and a removable touring portion, and, ideally, I would want to replace the backwards bars with lighteight (adjustable bar ends) – the only trouble with that is that magura brake handles won’t fit on them!


I’m not sure! I’ll find out…right now Nathan is borrowing this bar to give it a try on his geared KH 36.

Brazing isn’t as strong as welding, but it is commonly used for bike building – generally with lugs, which increase strength.


All your handle bars are driving me crazy Corbin, I’ve got to make one! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m too short to fit a T7 with longer cranks on the 36 GUNI, don’t want to cut the seat tube but mainly the T7 isn’t the style of bar I’m after - want a more compact handle that comes off the front underside of the seat and replaces the front bumper.

I’ve got a CF seat base and some old bike handlebars to start with, so hopefully in a week or two will have made the first one.

Can you weld, or do you know someone who can?

If you have a CF base, then you can make a small bracket out of 1/8" steel for you to weld tubing to — that works quite well, and is what I use on my KH36 with the CF base.

Louise and I are also both too short for T7s.

Note that I did cut about 1" off my seat post tube on my KH36.