Yet another homegrown MUni

I ran across another crown from a b*ke suspension fork, so I just HAD to build another Muni:D

KK frame
KH saddle wheelset with wide hub
150 mm. Nimbus X cranks
Wellgo pedals
Kenda Kolossal 2.6x24 tire

Another shot

Nice! Thats a suspension fork?

The crown is from the fork of a bike with front suspension. He makes it into a uni frame by sticking tubes into it.

What kinda rim is that? I like the color :slight_smile:

I see, but does that make the crown have suspension, or does it just make it a cool crown?

Sweet mother of pearl. How much did that cost you.

not a very good hub but i like the rest but what it going on with the frame???

No, it does not give it suspension, it just keeps all the tubes together. It does look cool as well. Also quite cheap to build one that way.

Okay, thats what I sort of figured.

Its still pretty cool.

Not much
I made the legs ans seat tube out of chromoly tubing from an old old b*ke frame. The wheelset, cranks, seatpost and bearing holders came from
I bought the tire from for $5.!!!
All the parts probably cost less than $150

(not a very good hub but i like the rest but what it going on with the frame???)

I’m not into big drops, so the hub will hold up fine for my style of riding, but I don’t understand your question :thinking:

sweet mother of pearl i must learn your ways. btw of love saying sweet mother of pearl well i now have a savage that i could pitch so i might try puting a bike fork on it and some other stuff i can do to inprove the cheap s.o.a.b… but im not going to spend any money cuz i gest baught a torker dx.:smiley:

That looks prety cool. I use a Sun for a MUni :angry: