Yet another Crank Flip thread

I know there has been countless threads on Crankflips but I’m unsure any of them would be any help to me.
I have no problem with no footers but when I attempt to crankflip I can’t get enough height because the foot I use to kick down stays down. I also always end up in front the uni instead of above it.
Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated,
Thanks as always,

i was thinking if i ever wanted to learn crankflips, i would start with full revs first, and then try to do full revs with one foot. i dont know though

slow down. Sounds like your going kinda fast to end up in the front of the uni. Pedal alittle slower and just flick it down by leaning over the uni and applying pressure downwards not forwards and downwards. Then pop up and keep your eyes on the cranks, they should come around. This trick is an easy trick once you hit it your first time, the first time is hard because of fear, the cranks will be there if you kick it, now all that’s left is to stick over it. Good luck, hope I could help.

-Shaun Johanneson

Hey Shaun, while you are here (well you aren’t anymore but yeah) do you have any tips for the doubleflip? They really don’t like me and at the moment I really don’t like them either…

Kick the crap outta that pedal. Lean more, jump more, and just kick everything you can to let that thing spin twice. You’re going to need more force so using the groudn to build up resistant pressure against your foot is needed, right before the last moment of the foot snapping. Then it should come around. Pedal kidna quickly, adn try if you can (this really helped me attemp triple flips) to push down and whip your foot kinda back, so it gives it a snap effect. So the foot goes down and starts coming back on the toes to hook the pedals around. This makes teh pedals go really fast. but yeah, good luck.

-Shaun Johanneson

Ok, thank you. That should help alot.

tripple flips?? thats just silly