yet another 20-->24 or 26 upgrade Q

I swear i’ve read the archives, really…

After a year learning how to ride my little Sun 20", i’m finally ready to bet a bigger uni. Some ideas/criteria/wants:

  • part of a skills upgrade to getting a coker
  • good for longer (8~15 miles) distances
  • availability of aftermarket cranks
  • able to mount a good seatpost clamp (NOT like my sun!)
  • square-top fork
  • colored wheel /fork would be nice
  • will be more of a distance uni than Muni/tirals/freestyle
  • less$ is better than mo money.

So, basically, i want the prittiest, bestest 24 or 26 unicycle in the world for free. What should i get?



if ur into distance its either a 29 or a cocker u cockhahahaha jk

Just to be clear: i’m looking for specific brand/model recommendations, as opposed to YA rehash of the different size wheels.

For example, i know KH’s are well regarded but a little expensive. Qu-ax’s were recently panned. etc. Do “we” like one brand/model over others?


are you going to do muni or not?

maybe if ud tell us wtf u wanna do on ur uni because not every brand make every size