It was a bit rainy yesterday afternoon when I got home from University, so after
almost smashing the flourescent (sp?) tube in the flat loungeroom with my devil
stick and getting it wet outside I decided to get on my uni and go for a ride in
the rain. It was a nice day for it.

So I got it out of my car and pumped up the back tire (joke - actually I just
typed that and now I am trying to think of a witty comeback so I don’t look
really stupid) and rode it around the wet gravelly carpark thing. It was really
cool. I was doing slide outs and pirouettes and stuff and the bits of sand on
the smooth concrete made it very easy to do a 360 in one spin. I have never done
them before in one spin. Usually get 1/2 way around and then have to have
another effort thing to get the other half way back… if that made sense…?

it was lots of fun, and the tracks that I in the muddy gravel stuff look
really cool.

I tried wheel walking, but the slick and the water didn’t give me much
friction to scratch( the walking bit) and I almost fell backwards onto the old
lady’s car.

that is my story that kind of starts somewhere and then ends somewhere else.



Scott HOne