Yesterday in a UK MTB magazine, today in a French newspaper


For the lucky ones living in the UK, I was told by a MTB friend that there is an article on unicycling in this month’s Mountain Biking UK magazine… featuring Kenneth Bancroft and Mike Parenteau! I need to go and get my issue tonight…
No link to the article and no video but this is the magazine that features the article:

For the lucky few receiving the daily electronic newsletter from Le Monde (French newspaper), today’s edition is the best ever: there is a link to one of Kris Holm’s videos (ok, we’ve all seen it and the image quality is not great, but hey!). In the comments, it even features a link to one issue of the French unicycling magazine (Girafon).

I am feeling doubly lucky today!! :smiley:


today i found out that i am going to be on the front page of my schools newspaper on my coker