Yesterday I...(Brag thread 2)

You can now come here and brag about what you did (unicycle related) yesterday if you have forgotten to post in “Today I…(brag thread)”. I’ll start
Yesterday I cleared a seven stair finally

Yestarday i was really pissed cause there was more snow, and i couldnt do the 27’’ finally.

By the way, I thought it was you who added me to myspace! Thanks for the add! :smiley:


why dont you just put it in the “today i…” and pretend you did it today? you still did it. Oh what the heck, yesturday i went muniing and got pushed into a stream. Then rode through it, and had my kh24 thrown in it which soaked the seat too:( which isnt nice when you end up with a damp ass:(

haha this is hilarious! The other day, I was talking to my friend saying “imagine someone made a yesterday I…(brag thread), that would be so stupid” and now there is one, and it is weird since that was just the other day…


I dont have anything to brag about.


Do we have to have forgotten? I wanna brag twice!:smiley:

Yesterday I found out I can get K-1 unicycles from my LBS.

What is your LBS?!?!?

Yesterday I Muni’d seven miles at Sullivan canyon, then came home and sold a piano! A good day.:slight_smile:

It’s not a chain of bike stores, just a local small place named Norway Cycles

ahh but its only good if theyre cheaper and/or can get parts cheaper

What would be the fun of that? :wink:

This isn’t a “The other day I…” thread, quit spamming and get on topic. Jeez.
Yesterday I bragged in a thread

yeaturday i wrote this in the Yesturday i…(brag thread 2) and used my unicycle as a step ladder to look over a wall

Yesterday, I was thinking about how I was going to post today

I learned to 360 unispin, cleared a 6 set, and learned to pedal grab.

All in one day? Nice

The 6 set and pedal grab was the day before then landed the 3 spin the next day.

Yesterday I was hoping it would dry up today but it hasn’t yet:( .

Yesterday I hoped the same thing… not that i could go riding with a broken unicycle.

Good thread idea. i just hate when those jerks post what they did yesterday and pass it off as todays news!!!

mate stop breaking the rules. it’s the yesterday i thread, not the the day before yesterday thread…
actually thats a good idea, i might make one of those.