yesterday evening

Evening rides in Summer are nice. So nice that I rode until it got dark so I could ride with lights for a bit.

It was a bit wet and all misty and lovely. All the wildlife seemed to be out, a baby fox, deer, cows and best of all, on the way back it was obviously that special time near dusk when all the rabbits come out and play, the fields were full of them.

I stumbled upon a nice rock-garden downhill too which was unexpected.

Am aching today though.

Picture is Leith Hill Tower in the mist, it was built to make the hill taller so some rich guy could say he had the tallest hill in Surrey!

oops, picture is too big, edited


copy of towermist.jpg

Great picture. I really love old historical structures. I guess because they are so rare here. Pretty much the oldest structures in Atlanta are 1860’s. Sherman came through and helped rmove all the older ones so we could start a renewal project.:smiley: