I went to the doctor today…And she said I did not have to use crutches or wear my boot anymore. She said I could ride my bike, Run in a week. For right now she wants me to do calf raises to get my muscle back…but she said once my right leg is the same size as my other one I can unicyclie again! That means I will only be out of the saddle another 2 or 3 weeks. !!!

Edit: I’m so happy, I could dance.

you could do some one foot riding? with your right leg to build it up i am not doc though so it might be a bad idea to try it!

Great being young. You heal much faster than us old guys. Glad to hear things are moving along so good. You will be amazed how quickly the size comes back.

Congratulations on such a speedy recovery!!! It really helps to be young. It’s been a little over 3 months since I shattered my thumb and I’ve only got about 5 degrees of motion in the first joint making it extremely hard to grasp anything with my right hand. I’m sure I’ll get more range of motion back as time goes on. Be careful and let that leg heal properly :slight_smile:

I bet just riding would work the right leg a lot. I see no reason to work it extra hard like that.

You could practice left foot riding though. just to stay on and so you don’t forget how. :smiley: that would be awful.

you could do some one foot riding? with your right leg to build it up i am not doc though so it might be a bad idea to try it!


I cannot Ride yet…My dad and Doctor are scared of a UPD…it will put too much force on the joint…I can ride in like 2 weeks though.

I see the doctors point. If you try to ride with a weak right leg, you’ll just ride in circles.

I can one foot just fine left-footed and go perfectly straight. The point is If I was going fast and UPD’ed and my foot hit the ground…

Good advice. Just wait. The worst thing would be to be out of commission again. And congratulations on healing!

I’m sure you could throw yourself off the unicycle in a way to avoid hitting your foot. It might hurt your face though…

I am not riding till the time when My doctor said I could.

Doesn’t your Doctor have anything to say about sleep? I can’t believe your still up! My parents would have killed me at your age for being up this late…if they knew.

My dad came in A second ago and said for me to get off soon. You are eastern time anyways. it’s only 12:30 here and my family gets up late and goes to bed late so it doesn’t matter that much.

good call

it’s nice to get this kind of good news

heal well