Yes I got my new uni!

I got my new kh 20" today it is so awesome. It is quite an upgrade from a 24" lx with a bent wheel that won’t go through the frame anymore. The tire is so bouncy and it is soo light. I didn’t get to ride a ton today becuase I had dinner and family over for my birthday. But when I get more time to ride it I will post the good and bad(if any) that I find about.

yay !

I agree.

Damn rich kids and thier KH and I have my ugly fat heavy torker :roll_eyes: Anyways congrats on that. Is it the 07

It’s good to have a dx though. It makes you very strong.I learned trials on my 24" dx and it was heavy as hell… I just got my kh 20 a few days ago and it’s like insane how much higher I can hop just because of how light it is. Being used to your dx will make getting a kh20 (which youll most likely eventually get) even better. You’ll do better on a kh after being used to a dx rather than starting out with just a kh…

The dx is still a very good uni anyway…

True^^ but my next uni is an all out street rig! :roll_eyes:

Its funny how the DX is only 2 pounds heavier than an KH and people call that heavy. =p

Congrats on your new uni! Pictures?

A 20" is A LOT different from a 24". You can feel the weight distinctly…

Yea pics! pics!

thats true, but you can really feel the difference in a small change of weight.

You can, but that difference really doesnt make you any better, just makes it feel better.

And when you feel better about the uni and what your riding, then you will do better. So in a way, a lighter uni will make you better, but its a mental thing. =p

i think the tyre bounce is the most noticable thing.

going from a 2.6 on my 24 to a 2.5 on my 19 i feel like im on a trampoline now

Thats how I felt when I went from my 1.95 tire to the 2.5 tire. :smiley:

After I let the air out and found my spot. lol

Thanks for all the comments. After a day of riding after school I have learned a lot more about my new uni. I can jump higher on it, and do bigger drops (duh). It is weird how the tire absorbs so much when you are doing a big drop (thats like 5’ for me). But just like everyone who has ever had the new kh has said, the seat is not very comfortable. I went from an airseat on my lx to this fusion street. So I was wondering if there was a way to switch over my seat somehow since the lx is unrideable now? If anyone knows how please tell me. And about the pictures. You can go to and see them there;) . But I will post some today of my on it also.
Oh yeah I almost forgot. The unicycle looks so cool. Even my dad who barely has any appreciation for unicycling because he doesn’t, thinks it look awesome!

Whatever you do dnt by a qu-ax if u wish to jump any higher than a curb:D

well, if the seat clamp is a butterfly type then you will need an adapter
but if its a normal type clamp (4 slots on a rectangle) then it is completely compltible.

I find the fusion street saddle very comfortable…in fact, more comfortable than the fusion freeride. I wear bicycle shorts every single ride though, and I couldn’t ride without them. They help a lot.

I have a nimbus gel which is very similar to the KH street. It’s pretty comfy, but not as much as my KH air.

You could dismantle the street seet, drill a hole in the back, and transfer all the parts except for the base from your LX air. To do a streight transfer you’d need a LX rail adapter and a bike type seat post for a total of $90. I don’t think it’d be worth it.

push your seat all the way forward… that helps a LOT
and if thats not comfy enough for you, put the washers under the front … between the seat and seatpost … or don’t sit on your jewels
put them in front of you!