"YES" Anna Jinks

Hey Everyone! I have finished my latest video i haven’t had much time to ride lately but i was recently able to ride enough to make this video. I worked hard to land some new tricks and im happy with the turn out. Its my 2nd video using final cut, but i had some problems uploading it was all in HD but the file was to big to upload. Youtube muted the audio for some copyright problem. Vimeo works though.


Omg! Trey!

That was awesome.

The intro shot was cool, nice way to show off the pedals :smiley:

Anna, awesome video! Treyfilp:D What?!?!?!?! How the heck did you get so good.

YES!!! Fun to hear your excitement hitting that trick.
You are a fantastic rider … keep having fun.

I would like to congratulate you on your treflip.

nice video, the treyflip is very cool

wow congrats on the trey, not easy. The into was very cool, liked that alot. Took me a second to work out what was going on when you did the kick up mount. keep it up.

Awesome. Nice job on the trey.


Umm… I guess all that needs to be said here is… Nice nice nice…
Actually, thats quite an understatement…
I have no idea what to say!
You rock!

wow. Great video. congrats on your treyflips!:slight_smile:

Nice job on the trey. I cant wait till I hit a few of those. Nice job, you’re improving pretty quick!

that looked so great anna. awesome job. i can’t wait to see it in real life!

Nice riding and video! You’ve improved much from when I last saw you ride.


Great riding, LOVE the song!! And probably one of the best intro’s I’ve seen to a video. :slight_smile:

wow awesome riding :astonished: nice treyflip and douleflips (try to land doublflips onehanded, they will look way better:p )

Thanks everyone for all the comments. I really appriciate all of them. I was really excited about the treyflip does anyone know of other girls that have landed them?

Mary from Austria landed her first 2 days ago;)

So Anna is the first female IN THE WORLD!?!?

Must feel good :stuck_out_tongue: