Yerfdog tricycle/unicycle?

Sam’sClub (a large warehouse store like Cosotco or Price Club) has
offered a couple different tricycles that are fairly heavy duty as kids
toys. One of them is an “off-road” tricycle with a wheel barrow tire (
about 16"x 3") for the front wheel. The fork was really wide with a main
cap bearing mount and cottered dranks. If you removed the front fork and
added a seat you would have an unicycle with a really fat tire. This
tricycle is $50 (US) at Sam’s

They had different tricycle at Sam’s when I was there yesterday. This
one was meant for riding on a hard surface. It’s kid of a high
performance of a kid’s “Big Wheel” tricycle. It has a 20 in. front wheel
mounted on the fork with a main cap bearing mount (the same type as a
Semcycle XL or a Torker), cottererless cranks, and the fork is fitted
with a hand break (like a standard mountain bike hand brake). The most
interesting part is that it has a free-wheel hub. If you took the front
fork off this tricycle and attached a seat you would have a 20" version
of the 12" freewheel unicycle that someone brought to Unicon. Or you
could replace the freewheel with a standard 20" unicycle wheel and have
a unicycle with a break. I’m not sure how much abuse these “unicycle’s”
could take, but I thought they might be interesting. This Tricycle is
$80 at Sam’s.

John Hooten

i saw one like this in a store add last week.i looked like a metal version of a “big wheel” toy or a recumbent trike.

the one i saw had main cap bearing on the fork and a brake.take out the handle bars,put a seat/post in there and you would have a 20 inch muni with brake for $60 dollars

Here’s a link for any who haven’t seen this beast.

yup,thats the one i saw,flat crown and all.

its worth mentioning that it does’nt have lolly pops…to cool, maybe they know somthing that cheap uni makers dont.