yep, my first post!!!

Hey all you unicycle riders. A little about me. When I was 12 years old my neighbor had an old ratty unicycle that he rode, played on it a little here and there so he said if I can go up the block and around the corner without falling I could have it, Long story short, he gave it to me and I was hooked. I eventually got a giraffe and then a 24 incher and got pretty decent by the time i was a senior in high school, I was a regular in manhattan,hermosa Redondo etc. Then suddenly I joined the Marines in 1987 and haven’t ridden since. I ride dirt bikes almost daily (woods) so to cross train and lose some weight I figured I’d buy a mountain bike, due to the winter here in Ohio my Cannondale F7 still sits brand new in my garage. I think its time I swap it for a unicycle!!! I know I’ll be riding trails but no huge jumps etc maybe some small stuff and I know I want a 24 (pretty sure) now to the show stopper, I’m 6’2" 360 lbs is there anything out there that will tolerate the load? I sure could use some of your advice. I’ve heard heard all the obvious fat comments so save those if you would please.

First off I just want to say welcome to the community. There is almost an infinite amount of knowledge about unicycles here, as well as some really friendly folks. I don’t know if I can answer your question correctly, but I believe there are unicycles out there that will tolerate your physique. I would think some of the Nimbus ISIS would work for you. Depending on what style of riding you would like to concentrate on, I’d recommend a 20 or 24-inch wheel.
I’m sure others on the forum will be of more help.

Again, welcome (back) to the community and enjoy your stay on the forum.

Edit: In case you haven’t already found your way to it, check out to have a look at all the different styles of unicycles there are out there.

Welcome to the community!

The Nimbus 24" ISIS Muni is probably the way to go.

They seem to be out of stock at the Amarican UDC but are in stock in Canada.

I would get it with a CroMo seatpost and 150mm KH Moment cranks. The CroMo post isn’t on the drop down menu for seat-posts but I am sure he would swap it out for you if you asked.

Some people might suggest getting a KH24. They are close to the same strength but a whole lot lighter and more expensive.

Light, Cheep, Strong… pick two

Edit: If you want the ultimate in strength you could get the rim swapped out for a Large Marge but that might be going a bit overboard at this point :smiley:

Actually, I think the Surly would be his best choice. 360# is nearly twice my body weight and I consider my weight a problem on certain surfaces, so I think he needs more support than a standard 3" DH tire. The Surly 4" tire is designed for higher loads, so in answer to your question:

Get the Surly Conundrum 26":

Thank you guys for the warm welcome. I know that if I ask whats the best unicycle in a forum I’m going to get 20 different answers. I looked at both links you guys provided and the surly, well, I love the look of it!! Too bad its a thousand bucks. The nimbus I like but the web site says the 26 is better suited for bigger riders. (me) So I think that might the one,I just wish it came with some sort of color. Chrome is boring I like some color it makes it go faster… love the beefy tire though. Now, Who wants a cannondale F7 lol…teets still on tires.

I am 6’1" and 230 lbs and I ride a 26" I fit it very well. Yes go with the Cromoly seat post and get a good seat (KH freeride). Be sure and stick with the ISIS cranks, I have to continuely tighten my cotterless cranks. I know Kris Holms will start selling a 26" muni and that might be just what you need.
I am selling a Titanuium racing mountain bike to support my Uni habit…anyone interested.

Welcome…I joined the Army in 1988 am also doing uni to lose some weight. I suppose you had to be taped (like me) everytime there was a weigh in? I have lost an inch off my waist since I started riding in Feb.

Here is a surly for a great price…I wish I would have bought something like this instead of putting $180 into my $90 uni. But now all that is left of my cheap uni is the frame.

Thanks for the info However I think that is just the frame. I’m not knowledgeable enough at this point to build my own. I do like the look of that uni in the picture though.

Ya I guess your right…I didn’t look closely enough.

Good luck on your choice.

I don’t think that the Conundrum would be so great for learning and a big investment for someone who is just getting into the sport but if you are going to go with the Conundrum I would have them build the wheel with an ISIS hub and KH cranks instead of the profile set that it normally comes with.

Profile is strong and has a lifetime warranty but is outdated technology.

Since they have to build the wheel anyway it should not be a problem to build it around a different hub. And you could save $160. I would also go with a Fusion Freeride instead of the street saddle. You could also ask for the new KH saddle that is not in stock yet but should be by the time they have the wheel ready. The new saddle has a wider back end which might be nice. You can read about it here

Jesus, you guys are worse then the guys in my dirtbike forum, lol. I just had a brain storm. I’m thinking I should be able to return the cannondale, it’s never left my driveway. If I can do that, I should have about 800 to spend without my wife pissin and moanin. I think I can get a pretty sweet ride for that. You guys build me a ride you think would hold my big ace up ok on paper and I’ll put my faith in what you come up with. then when somone says whoa, your badass but your cycle is way more bad, I can say thanks I had it custom built by the pro’s at unicyclist…lol

honestly even if you get 800, I still think you should just get a kh 24 or nimbus 24. Those will hold up just fine. then youll still have a couple hundred extra for even more unicycling things haha.

I think you’re right, I’m thinking that’s my plan

Maybe brakes? Can I still cruise pretty good on a 24?

i’d hold off on the brakes for a while until you know you absolutely need them.

24 is good for cruising.

but…if you’re really into crusing but also want to ride trails with no drops or anything, maybe you should look into the kh 29.

alright, so i’m going to give you a different option, and what i see as by FAR the best, KH just sent his 2009 products to the stores, has not gotten thier shipment in yet… but they will in a day or two.

a 2009 KH 26" unicycle would fit you the best, a 24" WOULD work.

you have several brands to choose from, so i’ll go from cheapest to most expensive.

Nimbus: strong, slightly heavier, most recommended for the price
Qu-ax: these things are heavier, but DO NOT break… i have never heard of anything breaking on one (save beginner/training cycles)
KH: lighter (easier to manuver), very strong
Koxx-one should be about the same price as the KH, but harder to find… you are probably better off w/ a KH due to the fact that a few have had hub failures

if you need a testimony of strength… the rim and Hub are the only things that are directly effected by a heavier person… i can’t imagine that you or anyone else will break a KH hub (nimbus is designed from it, EXTREMELY similiar, none have broken, but not as well “tested”)

to sum it all up, i think you should wait until the KH 09 line is here… get the 26" KH 09

wait on the brakes, you will know when you need them, you have at least a few months on that.

a 24" will be more maneuverable and have a stronger wheel build due to shorter spoke lengths… true wheel size is actually 26" w/ the tires they use.

now for a side note…
KH’s post on his new products never says (well i didn’t see it skimming over) he is coming out w/ a “KH26” but he does have a word about the frame and rim, and if he says those things, i’m assuming he has them… i suggest waiting, it is a big enough purchase for a few days to not make a large difference.

I agree with skrobo and I’ll just try and clarify a few things.

KH just announched his new 2009 product line up and he is working on a KH 26. In reality all you can buy right now (or in a few weeks when they get to is the 26" frame and rim, the rest you would have to build up yourself. What I would do is call and ask them if they could build you up what will be a stock KH 26. Get the new freeride seat and KH hub. I would suggest getting the 137/165 double-hole KH cranks so that you have a decent size gearing for on and off road. is very helpful, but their website is lacking. Just give them a call and they should set you up with what you need.

EDIT: I would disagree with what most people are saying about brakes. I would go ahead and get them. I have a KH24 and I got brakes when I bought the uni and them have been great. I would just say use the brakes sparingly until you feel comfortable with them.

my surly sence was burning a little bit ago :slight_smile: if you want a 26" conundrum i do still have mine for sale its brand new. ive attemped to ride it a few times but no luck and im just too impatient message me if you want to see some pics or anything else about it
other than that i agree with the other suggestions that you have been given and if i had to do it all over again id go with the kh 24

you guys are like an explosion of information. I appreciate it. I’d love to have the Surly 26 but I’ve seen the new cost and I can’t do it. Unless you want to trade straight up for a brand new Cannondale F4, I said it was an F7 earlier but it is the better F4

The Nimbus will be fine. If you don’t like the chrome ask them if they can get it powder coated for you before they send it (they will do this for an extra £35 at I have a lovely purple speckled uni and a lilac one (both nimbii).

I would personally say don’t spend too much on your first unicycle because you may find that once you have learned you want a different sized unicycle for the type of unicycling you want to do (MUni, distance, etc)

By the way, welcome.

With the new information about the KH26 frame not being able to clear a 3" tire I think I would go with the Nimbus.

Kris is right that most of us don’t need a 3" tire and a skinnier (lighter) tire will do better for climbing but personally I love my 26X3.

I like the wider tire for its float over loose and rough surfaces. It really smoothes out things that can throw you on a skinnier tire. It depends on where you ride by I would think that this would be even more important for someone your size.

Skinnier tires can definitely be nicer for on pavement and will climb noticeably easier.

I use a 26X2.5 hookworm on my urban/cruising wheel and a 26X3 Gazz on my MUni wheel. The Gazz sucks on the pavement and the hookworm lacks a bit in offroad grip but they both work extreemly well for what they were meant to do.