Yellow Miyata?

I found this on Ebay and was able to purchase it fairly cheaply ($22 US). I have never seen a yellow Miyata, so I did some googling and can’t find anything there about Miyata ever making a yellow uni.

It arrived today with original stickers intact and doesn’t appear to have been painted.

Does anyone have any more history on yellow Miyatas?


Rumor has it that the head of the Miyata company went through something of a fetishist phase and commissioned an entire line of products in yellow, what he referred to as his “golden” line. (At the time the shower was his favorite juggling pattern.) Hang on to it, it might be worth something someday.

Thanks. I think I’ll go wash my hands now.

Eww. Oddly enough, there is a quote from a Miyata spokesperson relating to the yellow ones. The standard Miyatas, at least the ones we got over here, were yellow in the early 80s. There were red and (dark) green ones that were much less common. Your Miyata is old! Note the cottered cranks, everyone. It appears to be all original as well.

The yellow ones stayed around in the 16" size until the late 80s. At that time, a Miyata rep at the NY Cycle Show (big trade show formerly held in NYC) was remembered to say “Yellow’s yesterday. Blue’s today!” Then they were blue for a long time, before the puke green phase.

Where was the seller? It would be interesting to know the history of this old Miyata. It could date back to as early as 1980, though it’s more likely from '81-85 or so.

It is one of the original Miyatas. Haven’t seen one of those in a while!

We need to talk about the seat though…


Thanks for all that info, johnfoss.

The seller is a company out of Bloomington, IL called Monster Deals. They are a pawn type company and have no history on the uni.

I will bring it along to the picnic Saturday, Connie.

What about the seat? It has a little more padding than my Miyata seat and has “Miyata” painted on the back. Here is a better pic of the seat:


The seat is what I call an ‘old-style’ seat. Wider in the middle, no handle in the front, breaks easily. Just what I like to ride with and they are NOT available to purchase any more.
I’ll swap a new seat for the old one.


Connie is coveting your seat. She wants it. So how much is it worth to her? :slight_smile:

It probably has only one bolt on the front bumper. That’s the earliest design of the plastic seats. The nice thing about the black ones is that they go with pretty much any color.

When Connie says “original” she means it’s of the earliest design shipped to the U.S. But before the plastic seats, they had metal ones with chrome bumper bars! I still have one or two of those; one on a Panasonic uni, which is a Miyata with the seat fabric colors reversed (white & blue) and Panasonic branding on an otherwise Miyata Deluxe.

There is an even older design of Miyatas, but I don’t know if they were sold here in any numbers. One member of my collection is a 1978 Miyata, which is the first known one in the United States. It was pictured in a 1978 issue of the USA Newsletter. It had been sent to Bill Jenack, presumably by Miyata. The cycle has a deluxe frame, steel cottered cranks, and a steel rim (36 hole). Stickers are the same as your yellow one, and it originally had the metal bumper seat, which I believe was black.

Not if I get to it first. :slight_smile:

Black… old style. Not the old style that is commonly referred to on this forum, but the older than old style. Which doesn’t have the handle. I wonder if the seat has one bolt like some of those even older ones had.

Can you tell me anything about mine? I got it on ebay a couple of months ago for about $40. (Not quite the deal Jethro got, for sure.)

Thanks for any info.

Looks like a typical late 80s early 90s Miyata. Has a high crown where it can fit a 24" or 20" wheel (not as good for freestyle, but nice to convert to a racing 24" uni, which I did to my original miyata). Has cotterless cranks which is a good thing (worth that extra money!) Has an “old-style” seat. :slight_smile:

It has one bolt in the front and two in the back.

Connie, we can talk Saturday.

John, is this the one with the holes in the seat post like a Schwinn?

Help Requested on Miyata Bearing Holders

I got a wheel from UDC. I got everthing taken apart easily enough (with some initial help from UDC). I initially wanted to use the same bearings, but I think one of them is rather worn. The one thing I haven’t done is to remove the bearing from the holders.

How do I get the old bearings out of the miyata bearing holder cup thingies?

Thanks for any help.