Yellow Black Bedford!

Well, looks like I’ll have to beat up/dirty up that yellow to get it closer to the yellow in the seat, but check out this baby!

(Thanks Darren)


Love it, Sofa!

And don’t you find that riding on a powder coated rim makes you a BETTER rider!!?? For sure, I do! My orange rim just has done wonders for my MUni technique, no really, honest!


To be honest…I haven’t even ridden it yet :o

Looking at it is good enough. I’ll take 'er out tomorrow.

However, if I’m not a better rider, you’re in for it!

…Be prepared Sofa (dramatic music plays quietly here…)… your skills WILL be awesome tomorrow once you get riding on that new yellow rim and yellow hub… others may doubt, and science has yet to do the research to prove… what only a few rare uni riders have discovered… yes, riding a powder coated uni DOES make you a better rider…:wink: HONEST


me? better?

I think I’ll call Guiness Prime Tiem and have them come out with me then! :wink:

Lovely. You should put pedals on it. What would Mrs. Sofa look like on it sporting her cow armor?

Like someone standing on the road wearing cow armour with a black and yellow uni laying on the road beside them :frowning:

I only have silver pedals at the moment, so i left them off for the photo