ok today i went to my aunts house. and she lives very close to this little park. ok i thought heck my house has nothing to train on and, well you get the point. ok i have also only been able to ride for 2 weeks. and i found this little 1 foot ledge and i hopped off it a lil bit realizing i could do that surprised i tried hopping up it. 1st time i succed. now i find this 3 foot ledge, now remember i only have a torker lx, then i get on it and start lil hops on the top im kinda scared then i think to myself. if i dont do this i probably never will and i jump and land it perfectly. i weigh 200lbs so i was really surprised that nothing was broke on my uni. then i go over the the 1 foot ledge and guess what i land a crankflip! now im going crazy, so then i try a unispin…and guess what I COMPLETE IT!!! this is wicked.

no fair:)

congrats. i can’t do any of those so I’m jealous.
dang u must be a unicycle prodigy

did u do the crankflip off the ledge??

It would be really great if you would please make a short video of all those things you did so we can marvel at your so quickly aqcuired skills! Congrats!:smiley:

hah cool it took me hour or so to learn 180 unispin and i havnt tried crankflip yet so good job

post some video please.
if you landed all that your very first try ever that is amazing.

that is extremely freaky…

you definitely need to change your name now.

thats not right. i want to see a video of you riding

ok i no its sounds weird i but im an ex BMXer and i learned to do alot of things like that so i kinda have some pre-experience. also i met a guy that rode uni and he taught me those tricks i just couldnt do them on flatland. oo and ill get the movie as soon as possible.

i think everybody agrees when i say you lucky son of a bitch

dude… whoa… slow it down and stop making me feel old…

lol. hey when i get my friends cammera (if he lets me borrow it) ill make my video.

Id really like to see a vid…Cuz im not gonna lie…it seems very unlikely that you can do a crankflip after only being able to ride for 2 weeks…The unispin is a little more believeable.

its not possible
… im gonna be a terd… I’ll believe it once you send a video of it … its not like that
youre either full of it, or you have been doing it for a lot longer than you said

tell that you rode bmx and had some tricks similar to help makes it a little bit more belivable

i wanna see a crankflip and a unispin in ONE video clip.

I doubt you could land a crankflip first try after 2 weeks of riding. If you really did then that is crazy. You sure you aren’t confusing revs with crankflips?


and confusing unispins w/ turning, or spins