Year of Trials video

My video marking a year of trials riding has been up for a few days so I thought I might post it here. Enjoy! and tell me what you think.

And one with no music

Are you really only 15?

This is some pretty solid and inspiring riding. You’re doing far bigger ups and gaps than I was at 15 (the technology to do so had just started coming around).

Keep it up!

Its good seeing a whole video, not just seeing OTG clips. :slight_smile:

Your sidehops and gaps are awesome.

Looking good Spence. This year work on street :wink:

Nice video! Great progress for one year!

Nice riding! And only one year of riding?! That’s awesome! How high was the last Static sidehop? Keep it up! :slight_smile:

Very nice riding! :smiley:

holy shizz you’ve only been riding for a year? amazing

Thanks for the comments guys :slight_smile:

I rode my learner for about 5 months before starting trials.

And i’ve no idea how high the hops was maybe 80-84 got it first time :smiley:

Record is 90 though!

but seriously have you only been riding for just a year?

Is that your static record or with prehop?

Its static

And yup just one year of trials :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t care what he practices, this is so awesome! Go NZ :smiley:

You don’t wear shin guards very often eh???

Sweet vid, even liked the editing :).

very nice franny! :wink:

90 static in 1 year, damn ;D!