Year In Vid/Rider profile

Hey here is my video to mark my year riding and my rider profile for team nelson unicycling.Sorry about the crap quality (points finger at youtube),i will upload to vimeo when i get round to it.Not as good as i wanted it but i was sick of looking for more footage etc

Very nice man. Filming was pretty darn good, nice angles and such. Riding kept me interested, you got some ups and good trials lines. Keep it up homey.

inspirational for 1 year of riding. I’d have guessed you’ve ridden for 4

These year in videos always upset me. I’ve been riding for a year and I’m nowhere near your hop height or street skills. Awesome job.

Only a year! Dam, that’s good!!

nice I really enjoyed that. I’m about the same level as you and I just hit 1 year too
there were quite a few extra hops and those two dark clips were hard to see but besides that it was a great video

lol thanks for the awesome comments everyone :smiley: !! I didnt think it was that good personally but maybe its because ive been waiting on finishing it for quite some time now.Ill have a glidecam in my next movie so the shots wont be so shaky.

Very nice, ONLY A YEAR!!!

You kids amaze me, I hope I’m half that good in a year

Pretty good video. You’re really good for only a year.

sick.nice work.

Nice vid. You’ve learnt a lot in a year. Good trials stuff. the bit on the train tracks was cool. So you’re another SIF backflipper? lol. How is it easier than SI? I don’t really understand why everyone does them SIF. Not that I can backflip.

Emile, have you only been riding 15 months? That’s pretty impressive.

Wow that is a great video really liked it. I hope in 10 months ill be that good. I got 30cms down now but Im having trouble with SIF i guess it will come ot me soon enough! keep up the good work. If im near that good in 10 months I will be so happy :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah thats crazy good. But hes got Hugo for insperation.

Awesome terry, Nice film, especially liked the library seen cuz we heard what was going on not just music to cover over everything.

P.S. Are u sher ur not a teenager in a 52 Yr. mans body!?!?!?! :thinking:

you are really good.
i have been ridding for over a year with a small break in the middle but i am no where near as good as you.
nice work dude!

Yeah I just push myself to be better. I have no-one near me to teach me or anything. I s’pose I’ve been riding seriously 5 months. Before that I tried to ride muni on a beginner 20". ATM it’s annoying because I’m having trouble with crankflips and I basically need to learn them before I can progress much more with street.

Are you kidding? How is he not inspiring?

Actually I think I just pushed you more than anything…The only trick I can think of is the 3 spin, but you had it, just needed some confidence, and landing seat in.

This video was really inspirationnal (or whatever), not just for one year. You’re really impressive in trials, and your street is pretty good too.

I think I’ll do a “2 years in Vid” this month…


that was freakin sweet man, nice work, good songs to, keep up the good work:)

Told you it was a good vid mike.