Year-in (Trials)

Video after one year of unicycling.
Mostly trials and some small street.

:smiley: Great vid !!! If i called you out at trials sometime would you accept and make a response ? Ive been looking for a callout for a while and i want to push myself a bit more.

I still havent recoverd from 3:50 but the rest was good


Im at school and it wont load,
Cant wait till i get home to watch this!

Yea I’d definitely would. I actually almost made this a call out to you but you had just made a video so I thought it would be hard to make another one w/ new footage so soon.

ok sweet !!! Ill have it done in about 2 weeks :sunglasses:

Some really good hops! A lot of the lines had rubberable hops, but you went to crank which I didn’t like. Editing was good and the music flowed nicely. The 4 stair + pallet was really cool.

I could have went to rubber on those two but I couldn’t get the guts to do the first one because there wasn’t much room to land and I was jumping from a slant. And on the second one…I didn’t exactly have much covering my legs so I was scared of mis-jumping and killing my leg on the rock

did you by any chance go to a place called clear creek in arizona and jump off of cliffs into the water?

i remember a kid that looked like you that had the polkadot shorts that were way to small

Ummmmmmmm… I liked the flatland :smiley:

The trouble with natural trials is that it dosnt look half as good on film as it is inperson. Hard to tell.

Nice work!

Wear a helmet.

Haha no
And they’re the perfect length.

okay. cause he had the exact same shorts.
nice riding BTW haha

Awesome, just got home and watched it.
I always love watching year in vids. great riding!