Year in review vid.

Hey guys. I have had a unicycle for one year give or take a few days. And to celebrate i made a video. Um here’s the link.

Any feedback is appreciated. Any suggestions for the next video are also welcome.

Thank you.

Nice video :wink:
More trial :smiley: <3

Good luck with the 360 unispin btw = )

Nice riding for a year! There seems to be a trend of riders not wearing helmets, like it’s somehow more cool to not wear one. It’s not, IMO. Especially on those big boulders.

Cool vid, I like how you mad it into a story:)

You’ve already shown me, but I have to say it was very well done.

You will get the 3 spin soon I know it.

Nice, although the captions are a wee bit excessive, Good riding.

the captions or story or watever you want to call it kept it interesting.:slight_smile: good job!!

good job. but next time please keep your shit on…:stuck_out_tongue:

Haha so you didn’t like it? :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah it was so hot that day i usually ride with a shirt so i don’t look like a try hard but it was just to hot, next time i will wear a shirt the whole vid. I promise :wink:

Sorry bro i am going to buy a helmet soon, but at the moment i cant find one i like. Thank you for all the replies guys.

nice work… i’ve been riding for almost a year (8 months) its good to see more aussie riders


but most of the caption gaps were too long IMO.

Nice new helmet BTW.:slight_smile:

great progress for a year.
I like the captures, at least for the first 1/2
best trick is the 90 up onto the wheel and down… .whatever thats called.

can’t share it with my class

Nice story idea. I like the music and captions. I’d like to show my students but won’t because you are out of uniform. (helmet) :frowning:

I suppose I could use it as an example of what not to do. We could discuss all the morbid endings that could have happened. :wink:

But your video has me wondering if anyone has a uni video diary that shows skill/ confidence progress over a long period of time. I know there are a lot of write-ups, but a vid would be great.

:frowning: If i knew it would cause such a problem i would have worn one from the first time my foot touched a pedal. I am upset it has caused such negative opinions. I am also upset I will not be shown to your students (I would love that). You could always tell them to ignore the fact that the stupid man forgot his protection. And to ignore his head. :slight_smile:

I did the story idea because i figured it was kind of like a diary. Except it was filmed all in a fortnight. My helmet should be here any day now (bought on ebay) So my next vid which will be similar format will have me with a helmet always!

Thanks for the comments guys. Keep them coming!

I look forward to seeing your next vid and sharing it with my students. We could “ignore” it but unfortunately the image of this “cool” guy on a boulder riding a uni will stick in their minds. I want that image to be one of a “cool” smart looking guy. :smiley:


I don’t believe you. only one year!!!

holy cow, only a year, it’s taken me three years and i still can’t do most of the tricks you did… I would wear my helmet but I need to get it fixed, it doesn’t like staying adjusted so halfway thru a ride it will start bouncing around and messing me up, it doesn’t like staying adjusted because it saved my head though, I was doing some trials and slipped and my head fell a few feet to a rock and WHAM! not so good working helmet but a working slightly dazed me.

this should really go down as one of the Epics in unicycle videos. absolutely fantastic how you got all that down in a year
the way you made it a story makes it so light hearted and upbeat, but shows some great tricks
the soundtrack was very well selected
love it, love it:)

Um what can i say to that? Honestly I thank everyone for their really kind comments. I hope I have inspired a few people to post there year in review vids. Be it 1 or 15! Just so people can check against there own personal progression. Keep the comments coming. Cheers guys!

p.s sp4rky-m4rky Why don’t you make a year in review vid? Havent you been riding less than a year and you have already got ww, gliding and 540 unispins? Thats nuts!