Year in/ callout vid

Its been a year since I started riding so I thought I would make a vid to celerbrate it. Unfortionatly I didnt have as much time as I would like because I have A-level exams when I get back to school so I have had to revise and also the weather has been well, crap, its been wet or raining all christmas. There are a few shots from older vids and there is also quite alot left out because I just didnt have enough time. When it drys up again I will go out and film what I couldnt now and put them in another vid (and yes there will be a 720 in it as well).

As I was going to the effort of making a vid I thought I would chuck a callout in as well. Levi has been riding for around the same amount of time as me and has taken part in alot of the competition threads with me but I havnt realy seen much from him. Its a pretty laid back callout, I dont realy care how long it takes him but sooner would be better than later. I just want to see him get out and make a good, full length vid.

Heres the link, hope you like it.

great video! Loved it, alot of big street in there. Good job keep it up!

Man that kicked so much ass.

You’re so good for only riding for a year. I liked the treyflip and the clean 5 spin.

BRING IT LEVI SMITH haha. Nice vid man

That was really good! :slight_smile:

haha, that was sick, ill see what i can pull out of the hat:p

That was good. I liked everytying except some of the small baby grinds. Great job with the video tho, I can really see how wet is always is for you.

You’re so good for riding only 1 year :smiley: Nice trey!

Great vid! I really liked it!
Your skills are incredible for only one year of riding.
The trials lines were smooth, nice.
Great street riding too!
Keep it up!

sick on every level like a hospital mate, good in all the departments, where did u produce the trey and sideways ww from wow za xxx

Thanks for all the great coments, Im glad you like it.

I wouldnt go as far as “big” but bigish will do :slight_smile: My next vid will be bigger I think I will try a tre down the 6 set, that would be nice, also I will get a 720 on film. Anyone can land tricks on flat, there so much better down sets. shame theres not more sets near me :frowning:

Thanks, like I said Im pretty laid back about it I just want to see a vid from you. I dont know if you want it to be a compition, thats your call.

Thanks, yea the grinds, I didnt realy like them either, I want a handrail to grind, I found one on a 5 but its pretty far away, I got to it earlier this week but there were cars parked at the bottom of it.

if it were a competitioin you would win. my situations worse than yours because the only remotely “street” atmosphere i have is a 3set at my church and a curb by my grandparents house. All my tricks i learn on gravel so. Thats why im into kinda nicelooking goodstyle street/flat/streetlanding kinda stuff:p

but well see

Didnt like it, sorry. Music was horrible and editing was terrible too, like your older vids.

the riding itself was alright. the flip tricks were sweet!

i dont wanna be a !@#$ but 2 things

-First He’s using WMM and that being said did a decent job editin it.

You have less than me :astonished: I didnt think that was posible. What about your school? Most of mine was filmed at my school. I wondered why you were learning flatland.

i dont go to school, im homeschooled, the nicest place i have to ride is my grandfathers (nice rail there) and my church(3 set) haha so count your blessings, its kinda hard to go from flat straight up to a 3. I can crankflip it, 180 unispin, up it and sketchy 360 unispin down it but thats it…just really a pain to learnstuff on

Thanks for having my back. Yea I now hate wmm, for my next vid I should have something better. Hopfuly after my exams I should be getting a fish eye lens as well (its my parents way of bribing me to revise).

Could you be more specific as to what you didnt like so I know for next time?

Spoonthumb, it just didnt click with me that well you know. the music was the main letdown as well as the picture quality. shame

as i said though the riding was good but before critiscing other vids like that sick joe hodges one mark, you should concentrate on improving your vid quality. the music, editing, filming and picture quality werent impressive. your tricks were very nice though. :slight_smile:

that’s my opinion and i’m sure many others share it. on the other hand many will have a lower threshold for entertainment. that is life

ok just read your post

i found it hard to watch the whole way through and had to skip through a lot of scenes. the filming was the main let down. the angles were pretty crud for some of the shots. just take some better vids as examples and see how they shoot certain tricks and stuff

the music and lyrics were horrid and just clashed with a possibly OK vid. people have done better ediing with WMM, so it’s down to technique and not equipment here.

constructive criticism is welcomed I hope?