year end review and resolutions.

Review144.5 miles total, longest ride: 7 miles. 20’s and 24’s variously.

Summary: Not Enough!

Resolved: buy a coker and cyclecommute (7 miles each way) at least once/week by may 2006. learn to idle and ride sdrawkcab. Make pro forma pretense of attacking some kind of coker speed record.


Review:Went from learning to ride a unicycle, to getting a trials unicycle and jumping 29" high seat out front, and several assorted skills, including grinding.

Summary: Still have to work on my technique with skinnies, and get some proper time into riding backwards.

Resolved: Make a BC wheel, learn how to use it, and ride vert with it. Improve my unicycle trials skills.

Review: Did more riding than I expected, but work and other commitments are increasingly a pain. Getting more confident and faster on the MUni. Moved on from the obsession with short cranks and found a good compromise with 110s on the 28. Did a few good long rides including a 50 miler on the 28. Coker seems to have gone off the boil. No advance at all in freestyle skills. Played a bit of hockey. Good fun, but I lack the commitment.

Summary: Old age and experience have achieved a sort of equilibrium: I’m riding better but getting tired sooner. 28 for summer; Muni for winter.

Resolved: Expand my riding horizons. No more descriptions of the suspension bridge (which, Rob, is over the river, not the canal!):stuck_out_tongue: . Ride on the moors more. No more comic sans:o

Review:Went from learning to ride a unicycle, to getting a trials unicycle and jumping 67 cm high seat out front, and several assorted skills, including grinding.

Summary: Have to work with my high-jump tecnique

Resolved: Jump 5 euro-pallets with my uni and three euro-pallets with my homemade bc.

Re: year end review and resolutions.

Review: hadn’t ever thought of unicycling this time last year. The
subject came up during a lunchtime conversation over our moving office
to a location without enough car parking. The options for getting to
work from the park and ride were explored, including catching the bus
(no way), bicycling (not enough challenge), skating (not enough smooth
tarmac) and unicycling. The rest is history…

Summary: I now have three unis in the living room. 20" DaBomb, 24"
Pashley with skinny tyre, 26" Nimbus 2. I’m not finding as much time as
I’d like to get to grips with the Nimbus, I’ve had it for three weeks
and only taken it out on six occasions. The longest ride was about eight
miles on the 20".

Resolution: get to grips with off-roading through the local woods. Learn
to idle and hop up kerbs. Learn to freemount with nearer a 100% success
rate. (Phillips’s Law of freemounting: the number of attempts taken to
freemount is inversely proportional to the distance to the nearest
vertical object, and inversely proportional to the sum of the number of
people watching plus the square of the number of attractive young women


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The Gloucester-Sharpness canal page

Review: Got my MUni, went to Moab, learned actual trials skill, learned that street is fun and some street skill.

Summary: got way more skilled this year, and figured out some stuff about learning to do new things

Resolutions: get my sidehop up there somewhere high. Get my trials fixed. smoothly 180 down a 5 set of stairs. learn the freaking unispin. (!!) Get more MUni skill: learn rolling abilities with any pedal stroke, learn MUni style dropping, etc. Get Maguras. Grind a handrail. 180 down a specific drop with a lip that makes it hard. do the trials line on the corner of Main and Jackson.

I think that’s about it. Most of it is pretty easy, actually.

Review: Got a uni, never rode it. looked on internet found a vid and some stills of Kevin McMullen, shortly after learnt to ride then bought a nimbus trials…

Summary: Learnt to ride, do a few freestyleeee tricks, did some street and cleared a 4 set, tyre-grabbed the same 4 set.

Review: learn seat out in front jumps and unispin by tonight…