Yeah! I ginded!!

yester day I got inspired to learn how from Terry’s trhred and built a railish sorta thing from a 6x6 timber, then useing a propane tourch melted some wax on. yesterday I didn’t get that far, but today I practiced a bit more and right when I was about to call it quits, I did it! i am so stoked now, I going to go pratice somemore now and possibly make a short vid.

Well done you. Ginding is great fun. When you’ve mastered it you should try gRinding.


i am about to go make me a crappy little grind rail where i can start trying to grind

gRinding, eh? sounds hard I’ll just stick to my ginding;)

Aye man! Ginding is a good build up to grinding. Stick at it.


hmm when I read the title quick I thought it said gLiding…

maybe ginding is a cross between gRinding and gLiding…?

gliding out of a grind shoud be very possible. You’ve got like 0.2 seconds in the air to change your feet from the pedals to the tyre/fork. It could be worse shrugs

That is cool! Can you please post a pic showing how you have it set up? How high is it and how angled is it? Did you just remove the pins from your grind-side pedal, or did you also put on a grind plate?

on my pedel I took out the pins but a few of them didn’t have screws or they were stripped so I just sawed them of with a hacksaw. the rail is a 6x6 timber set so the lower end is a little higher then my hub (so my tire won’t hit the ground) then I just melted a couple candels on the top here are some pictures of the rail and pedels (it’s a pretty cruddy rail and would be better if it was longer but hey, I still learned on it)

side veiw

you might want to try raising the rail in the air a little more. It’s easier to grind if you are hopping up a little bit then hopping and falling down. that looks like fun theough.

Thanks. I’m gonna build one today!:stuck_out_tongue:

yeah I was thinking about that,but so I wouldn’t fall onto it, but more fall into it. if you know what I mean? because if I jump to high I’ll just stop dead, (making for some funny crashes):wink:

yea, you want to have to hop up at least a little bit. you’ll grind smoother and faster and not stop dead.

i’m goign to make a rail right now! i just remembered that we have feet of nice strong metal pipe! it’s so smoooooth.

i would try that if i could grind and glide

please, im confused. what is this ginding??? i know what gRinding is. please help a young confused kid!

Nice job radical, I recently learned how to grind too. I made a little video but I can’t upload it. Maybe I will try again…

hey man, you cant mack off someone elses joke

im a noob a uni, but grinding does look cool.

that could have ended up pretty badly