YEAAAAA!!!!! I learned!!!

how to ride backwards! and IDLE really well.whta do you guys think would be the next undertaking for a person of my skill level? (or lack of skill:))

You could learn air pressure?

i did. i filled it up to like 30…or smthing colse.

Good man.

No more breaking ultra strong rims for you.

nope. ":slight_smile:

Make a box and get those grinds

Learn how to grind?i have the ramp that i could fit a metal corner on but im not sure how that sould work. and i have 2 boxes and ones too high and the others too low.

high five!!


The progression from there would be to learn to ride and idle one footed and to also work on riding holding the seat out front.

im almost riding with the seat out. i can hop kinda good but consistantly but i can alomost ride. i cant ride one footed though…:frowning:

You could practice 1 foot wheel walking or wheelwalking and then gliding…

yea. thanks.

Keep up the good job/work my friend. :smiley:

Try to learn idling and one foot skills with both feet. I can idle well with either foot but still have not figured out one foot riding with my left foot. I think it is easier to learn when your brain is still young.

Also learn circles and figure 8’s with backwards, one foot, seat out, etc.

okay good info to have. i def work on that. thanks unibrier.