I just added two new skill’s to my repertoire. I am taking Lifeguard classes at the local downtown Y, and I thought, hey? Why dont I uni around a little before class? And then I was like “Ok.” but anyway I was practicing hopping up and going down stairs, and I finally got it!! It was awesome! Then on the way back home I saw some benches and started practicing crank grabs, well after half an hour or so I started getting it on just about every hop. Man that was a productive day! Two skills in under two or so hours. Now I need to start some gapping, maybe some backwards riding, some seat out in front hopping, Man do I feel good!

Well just thought I would share. Oh btw mUNIac is a SWEET movie!

Alex :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool! :slight_smile:

So in about 100 hours of practice you could be level 10 :smiley:

Re: Yay!

and thanx for sharing!

keep up the fun