Yay, Working camera

made a new video (with my new camera that works!!)

I like the thing you did at 0:50
It looks like you do a little hop in the air, so you don’t roll too far.
I’m guessing the key is to get the right foot to land and stop the pedal and the left foot will take care of itself?

YouTube now up. It deleted the audio from my video at first so i went back and changed the pitch of the song a little bit.


yea pretty much . i was supposed to jump a little bit higher though

pretty sweet! i liked it.
what kind of camera did you get?

Thanks. it is a DXG 566-VHD Slim Profile High-Definition Video Camcorder. Not the best but it works.

why didnt you export it in HD?

I tried but I am still learning how to use my camera.

alright i see :slight_smile:
good luck