yay no more ridiculing

finnaly my best friend is starting to uni after about 2 weeks i sold him a uni for 100 dollars and 3 days after getiing it hes making 10 meter run on average(his best being a 15.5 metre run) so his mother has agreed to let him ride to school when he gets better and then with the saftey in numbers up our sleeves we shall not be ridiculled for being the only guys who can ride on one wheel yeah :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thats awesome that you got your friend into it and that he is learning well, gots a good teacher i assume =p but even number youll be ridiculled, but thats one of the fun parts in unicycling, hearing all the things ppl say as you ride by, like today, i guy told my friend to do a wheelioe, then told me to do a bunny hop, so i do a nice rolling hope, do a little 180, ride SIF do the biggest hop i can do, about 3 feet, ride off backwards for a little, turn around and finish by going one footed, simple stuff but left the guy stunned =p

show people a uni video and they no longer think were stupid clowns and want to learn in a month unicyclers in my town went from 2 to 6

You’d think that safety in numbers would help, but in my experience it doesn’t, at least if your second rider is also a guy. What does help though is getting a girl to ride with. Most of the loudmouths who yell stuff tend to be guys, and I’ve found that it shuts most of them up if a girl’s riding too.

if its a hot girl all the better

She is.

Doesn’t work for me. I guess I’m not hot :frowning:


when i say ridiculing i mean non uni releated but also my gf is getting in to it so theres a girl (and shes hot)

woo hot girlfriends riding…

my (hot) girlfriend wont go near a unicycle