Yay! no more cast next tuesday

It’s been 3 months and next tuesday im getting my cast off :smiley:
i was wondering whether anyone with some experience could tell me how long it took them to be riding again as normal after wearing a full leg cast?
heres a video of my leg

I’d imagine most of the difficulty in learning to ride again will be getting the strength back in your right leg and learning the balance between the two legs as you’ve been using your left mostly for the past 3 months.

I’ve never had a full cast, but I couldn’t walk on my leg due to a hundred stitches in my thigh, and when I got it off after 6 weeks, the only reason I had trouble walking was because I was afraid to really put weight down onto it again.

Of course, walking isn’t riding a unicycle. And 6 weeks in stitches isn’t 3 months in a full cast. So I’m not actually helpful in any way.

well i had my leg in a cast up to my knee for 3 months and it took about a week for me to be able to ride and do basic tricks again “i was a beginner” but it only took me about 1 day to be able to ride forwards and backwards hope this helps

Well, maybe at 13 things are different. I just got my arm free myself. My Dr. said my arm is 95% healed. I just got the screws/plate removed. But being healed and being full strength are 2 different things. when its healed, the bone is still soft. My Dr. said it would be up to a YEAR til the bone is hard on the outside and strong. If you look, the solid bone is white on the outside, the one that was broken is not. So if I fall on it directly now it will break. So I cant unicycle yet unless I want to risk breaking my arm again. I will wait another 6 weeks and might try it with a splint on, probably stupid of me but right now life is depressing. :angry:

Don’t get in too big of a hurry. One of the things you will notice is how skinny your leg will look. You will have lost a lot of muscle because those muscles were not being used. It will take awhile to build those muscles again so you can ride safely.

I had a cast on my right arm when I was young. It was a really strange feeling when the cast was taken off. My arm was all of a sudden real light because it no longer had the weight of the cast on it.

Learn to walk and run then learn to ride again.

okay thanks everyone :slight_smile: im 14 by the way cbs :wink: almost 15 :smiley:

Hey, you really have to ask your dr. though! Just cause you can walk on it doesnt mean that the bone can handle jumps yet. And WR is right, it will be incredibly weak at first, and stiff I bet too! But 14 is not 39 lol. I wish I were 14 still. Thats the worst about being older, things get stiff quickly and heal more slowly. I broke my arm in several places as 2/3rd the bone is basically new bone. If you just had a crack, I’m sure the rules are very different and much faster to get back. Just make sure you can walk/run on it safely at first before attempting the uni. And again, ask the dr. also!! Wish you luck!

Did you get your cast off? How are you doing?