Yay! Mini-Trial :)

First of all, my self-built Samsung Galaxy S2 “Action-Camera” :smiley:

And here the result :slight_smile: After I’m down, I go up again and you can see how steep it was :slight_smile:

Love the idea of using your phone. I want to try that too!

But needs more speed and/ or more interesting terrain. (looks like u are slowly walking through there)

Generally its best to show as much of you and the uni in all the shots which can’t be done POV so add multiple angles. If you only have one camera or not a filmer w/ steady hands, do the line repeadedly w/ the camera at each spot then synch them together to appear as they were filmed simultaniously.

IMO this would be a no-no if you could only do parts of the line and not the whole thing in one shot.

Yes, that’s the drawback of using a smartphone which doesn’t have a viewing angle of 170° :frowning:

I filmed this mini-downhill-scene 4 times with different tilt angle and had to choose whether I want to see a part of my unicycle and about 1m of the ground or only 1.5m of ground or distant terrain … So, the video was choosen which shows more of the distant terrain but this led to an impression of a very small speed :slight_smile:

I hope to get a Contour+2 soon … Probably in two weeks or so … But perhaps I should first get armory because I switched from 24" to 29" and the height is kind of frightening :smiley:

Thx for the tipp, I’ll try it the next time :slight_smile:

Generally I don’t like POV on a uni. There are only two shots I’ve seen that looked pretty good IMO. One was Dan Walinger in Univers II & Kris Holm in “Unizaba” they both had the camera at the end of a 2 ft boom attached to their helmets.

A similar technique is the vids where Turtle put his GoPro at the end of an adjustable ski pole and held it steady at his desired angle (I’d have a major problem keeping it steady and no way could I hold it as long as he does). And he often does it w/ his wheel one ft away from a 1000+ft cliff :astonished: MuniAddict also sometimes does this. Works relatively well IMO