Yay!! I rode my first set of stairs today!

I finally got up the curage to attempt these three steps at my school that were a little over a foot deep and only about four inches high, but they were more than one :roll_eyes:

I would have tried two earlier, but I don’t know of anywhere around here where there are two shallow steps.

It took a few attempts, but I got it after lowering the pressure on my 24X2" from 30 to about 20. After a few successfull runs I felt like I could go down five or more similar steps. I still had some UPD’s though. I landed about 40% over an hour of practice.:smiley: And then I stuck the landing when I left with my 15 pound backpack (thought I’d UPD on that one :roll_eyes: )

Congrats. I remember my first time…:wink:

Woohoo! Way to go! :slight_smile: