Yay! I rode an awesome trials line!

Well, all you good trials people probably wouldn’t think it’s THAT cool, but hey… I’d never done anything like it before, and I’m psyched! how it worked: hop from sidewalk to little rock with groove for tire -> hop to higher rick, maybe 1 foot up and 2 feet over -> hop to even higher rock, maybe by 6 inches, with a 3 foot gap -> hop to 10 inch wide wall with maybe 2.5 foot gap -> ride wall (it was bumpy sandstone) -> hop to other rock -> hop over angled rock to final rock, 3 foot gap and to clear the rock i went up maybe 8 inches.

well, if that made sense, good. If it didn’t, you cna still know that it was awesome.


Re: Yay! I rode an awesome trials line!

Sounds pretty awesome, next time you do it get some footage so I can be clearer on what you did… or take some pics. Hooray for you!!!

well, i’m gonna get pics when I do it next, but as of now the digicam is in india, doing much important work.

pics later.

Sounds cool. I love good trials lines, especially when they flow well, and that one sounded pretty cool.

sounds cool. youre probably a lot better than me at trials. i jumped off an old picnic table and felt good. thanks for crushing me.:wink:


Meh, there’s no good trials lines where I live. Either they’re all too hard, or they’re all too easy.

Yours sounds perdy awesome, though!!

i can’t even hop :frowning: