Yay I found more street pedals!

Anyone tried these? They look like they wouldn’t hurt much and I bet they’d flip nice.

well i have the tryall red label pedals which are rebranded wellgo and wot i will say about non replacable pins is that they wear out WAY too quickly. Bsically the red label has non removable pins on the side and mine have basically dissapeared after a month of riding…

Yeah I kinda figured that would happen. But on my twisted plastics I made a hole just smaller that the pins and heated the pins and twisted em in. I have one linne of pinsdow the middle.

I like the VP-655 pedals on my bike, but I don’t think they’re grippy enough for a Unicycle.

I want some beefy big platformed plastic pedals, any ideas?

Edit: I’m thinking Odyssey twisteds