Yay I Did A Unispin!!

Yep, that’s Sam. Most of the gang is in Richmond, while Frank Brown is in Charlottesville, VA and I am in DC. If you are going to go ride with them, make sure you tell me so I can come :-). In fact, why not jsut come to DC? :D.

I GOT MY LEG ARMOR TODAY YAAAYYYY and as soon as i got it i put it on and attempted the uni spins. I got it and rode away once or twice. i got my feet on a couple times but the seat was in such an akward position that i ended up not being able to ride away. I have a kh seat, its very akward sittin on it backwards! Anyway thanks for the jensonusa website pads are great. And a question for muniracer…how do u work into the unispin…like how do you hold your seat in preparation to spin it and what kind of pre hopping do you do, any tricks? Dank

heres what i do:
1- go to seat out
2- hop in place until i get equilibrium (or close)
3- put left hand at back bumper and right on left side of handle
4- jump
5- kick feet out
6- spin
7- put feet on pedals
8- hop to regain control

9- then repeat so that seat is forward again

i think i hop around too much before hand as of right now, i dont have too good of consistancy. As for doing the 2nd unispin to regain the forward seating position, I’m not quite to that point as of right now. Hopefully with some more practice but…oh well, thank you.