Yay I Did A Unispin!!

the title says it all. there really needs to be no response but i just wanted to tell you all. it was freezing cold so i was wearing long johns, pants, 661, long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt, and huge jacket. i was so bulky i was worried i wouldnt be able to do it. let me backtrack a second. when i had my 24 i decided i would wait till i got a 20 to even try a unispin (i actually tried about 3 times on my 24, but i always chickened out in mid air). i got a 20 for x-mas but i still had not tried. so i donned my winter clothes and 661s and was determined not to come in until i got it.

on the first 3 tries i chickened out. i would jump, spin the uni, and then throw the uni out and land with my feet far apart so there would be no chance that i would hit the uni. the next two tries i didnt put my feet in far enough and thefront foot would hit and the back would miss. the uni would harmlessly fly out in front. the next two times i hit the pedals/cranks with both feet but instantly fell, as i was not on the pedals well enough. THEN I GOT IT. i landed it, wobbled a bit, then regained my balance, then dismounted. from there i got it on and off for maybe 7 tries. at one point i got two in a row (jump, spin, land, jump, spin land, without dismounting) so that in total i got 360.

after another few minutes, i got pretty consistent, as long as the preparations went fine. sometimes i would jump forward and have to abort. sometimes the tire would catch in the grass and 180 would be impossible by the time i would have to land so, again, i would abort. but as long as the jump and spin was good, i could land it. i ended up having to go inside because my fingers turned numb and the started to tingle (its okay, they are better now).


EDIT: it was a good thing i wore armor, as i hit my shin a couple times on the way down.

hey thats awesome for you
I really have no excuse for not having any real ‘’ tricks’’ in the bag other then not trying them yet. But thats good you were persistant

:frowning: I still can’t do a unispin, I always chicken out or land on the back pedal but not the front, thus having pedal pins sunken into my shin…I wish I could unispin :frowning:

Congrats. Is it scarier than jump mounting? I always think that is scary even though i’ve landed it all but about three times. It takes me a few seconds to get up enough courage to do it.

yeah, its scarier than jump mounting. i learned to jump mount seat out so i didnt have to worry about the groin. that way when i did try suicide and jump mount with seat under i wasnt really scared. plus unispin is scarier since its not as consistent. i too have landed almost all my jump mounts but i definitely have fallen more times than sucessfully landed a unispin.

After a few days of jump mounting I realized I could do it with the seat out. :slight_smile:

My friend however is insane. He tried suicide mounting the first day he tried riding.

Strangely enough I pulled of my first unispin yesterday too! I started by 180 mounting and eventually tried the proper thing and did it after several attempts where I wussed out! Don’t land emeverytime, but I’m getting there… :slight_smile:

Whenever I try a unispin, the seat gets in the way and hits my legs, so I can’t land on the pedals. I can easily spin the uni 180 degrees, but then I can’t land on the pedals.
Any tips? Please?

ahhhhhhh! Search the forums! There has been so many topics and posts about unispins…

I’m sure there is some good tips if you search -->

Good luck,


ok so im at about 50% success rate. today i worked on a 90 degree uni spin to hopping on the wheel. i got it a couple times but never could keep bouncing for very long. tomorow ill get it!

See, I can do that. But a 180 unispin to getting back on pedals. I cannot do, I dont know if I dont get enough altitude in my jumping or what but I cannot do it!

just keep trying. remember, when you go to put your feet back on the pedals, push them next to the frame. this way, your feet will land on the cranks and you will stay on. then adjust your feet abck onto pedals.

I think I might invest the $39 for some decent leg armor. Pedal pins, Ick Owe. Is the sixsixone 4x4 leg armor (the cheaper one) good for trials etc. Like is it protective enough to handle the pedal pins and occasional scrapes, and durable enough to last?



i was just wondering… :thinking:
wat is a ‘unispin’, im sort of new to the trick buisness on a uni.
i still don understand how to jump mount. i think my legs are too powerful, because i always go flying straight over the unicycle.:frowning:

those are what i have, and they are great! shop around online, you should be able to find them for $20 somewhere (i dont remember exactly where). they really save your shins from looking like they were run over by a lawnmower. i have had mine for 6-8 months and they are still doing well. the seams are coming loose but they still work as well as they did on day one.

what it a unispin?
a unispin is where you are standing on the pedals seat out, then you jump up, off the uni and spin it under you and land with your feet back on the pedals. so it is possible to do a 180 degree unispin, 360, 540, etc. im sure if you check the universe 2 trailer you can see one (i dont know because i didnt want to watch the trailer so that everything in the movie would be seen for the first time). but look in the gallery…

Get them From ww.Jensonusa.com

Re: Yay I Did A Unispin!!

On Sat, 17 Jan 2004 16:13:34 -0600, muniracer
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>a unispin is where you are standing on the pedals seat out, <snip>

Does it need to be seat out? I can’t do unispins so who am I to
comment, but from vids I seem to remember seat in too.

I just landed a couple last night and this morning. If anyone tries to do one, where shin pads!

Re: Re: Yay I Did A Unispin!!

if you did it seat it, it would be very hard to prevent the seat from hitting your legs. it may be possible though. i just dont recall ever seeing such a thing.

Thanks for that jensonusa.com website. I bought the pads from there. They were $20, half the price of unicycle.com! Oh well, jenson doesnt have unicycles so I still love you unicycle.com. As for unispins, I’ll get back to you in a week when i have pads and then maybe I can add a myself to the list of people who can.

Muniracer, do you know weetsrweser (AIM name) I think he’s in the hellonwheel gang. I was going to come down to virginia and unicycle with him and some people a little less than a month ago but I ended up havin to go get my sister from college.