YAY I can kickup mount!

YAY! within 30 minutes of trying I actually managed to land a kickup mount. When I first tried I thought it was impossible but with practise and bit of time I managed to pull it off. I can now do it fairly regularly, soon i will hopefully be able to do it every time.

well done!!
the kick-up is the kewlest mount ever and is very handy as a recovery from a UPD or to impress skaters with the ‘ultimate ollie’

have u tried it with your other foot yet?

No i haven’t tried it with the other foot yet, i dont think im quite up to it, first im going to get perfect with the other foot, well not exactly perfect but better :smiley:

the longer u wait, the harder it gets to summon up the courage to try it the ‘other’ way around
have a go sooner and u might find yourself ambifootedly kick-up mounting

just a thought

Speaking of kick-up mounts, i can only kick up a 20". I’m having problems with a 26". I always end up standing on the crank with the unicycle still lying flat on the ground. :frowning: