Yay.. cake!

My kids get trucks or their favourite video game characters. I got this awesome red uni on my cake.


Happy Birthday!

:slight_smile: Brilliant :slight_smile:
:slight_smile: Happy Birthday :slight_smile:

You gotta like that. Happy Birthday.


Thanks for the wishes guys!

What a day. So the picture of that cake was sent to me while I was at work. Apparently I don’t get to touch it until the weekend. Still, I was about to pull the trigger on getting myself a nice birthday gift via the fine folks at Goudurix when I stumbled on the following when I got home (stickers decoration provided by our 4 year old and 2 year old). I’m floored, excited, and super nervous (now I gotta graduate from 29").

Wow, cake and a 36" you certainly have a sweet family.

Enjoy the new ride and don’t forget the protective gear.


Uni cake AND a new Oracle?! I’m as green as your wheel with envy :smiley:

Happy cake day!

Stuff yer face with cake and then have fun on yer 36er. Life is goooood. Happy birthday, jcd.