Went for a ride at Yarra skatepark today,

here’s the result.

Yarra - http://www.vimeo.com/1044627

i like your style.

stop trying to saduce him andy.

haha :stuck_out_tongue: thanks andy, im so freaking sore from trying to learn to grind on that monster for so long!! should have found a smaller ledge… turned out fun though :stuck_out_tongue:

That was nice :slight_smile: Different style, which I liked! It could have been a little longer though :slight_smile:

Nice video, but why no helmet, knee pads, even elbow pads? That first fall could have been really bad. Ok, end of my rant, but better safe than sorry. :slight_smile:

aww leave him alone,

freedom of choice right?

nice vid man, ive been watching your video for the past few days (weeks?)

i like your style and if like to see a longer one, just thinking here, maybe save up your footage and make a longer one next time?

anyways, thanks for the vid


great style, I liked it. You should make your next video longer for sure.

Ok, let me rephrase; kids, and those just starting out-wear a helmet!

Smooth… As always. Nice man.

I like how often you ride :smiley: I havnt been riding much lately :frowning:

Wow guys thanks for the comments :open_mouth: glad you all liked it :smiley: and sorry its a little short but i just learnt to grind for the first time!! and on that stupid ledge!! … i told my slef in the morning that i would learn how to grind and decided to go to yarra but i had only been there once like a year ago and thought there was a smaller ledge but NO!! so i didnt have a choice but to learn on that one!! and i probably should have had a helmet and elbow pads but i didnt realize it was so big and dangerous. :stuck_out_tongue: anyways that will be my last video for a while as the next one will be with my brother when he gets his new uniycle so probably a few months away :slight_smile: thanks again dudes!!

p.s. how was the music this time haha took like an hour to find that song and i thought it worked well with the vid but thats just me :stuck_out_tongue:

That was a really good video. Your riding style is great, very smooth. And the video was really nice to. Good quality and colours, and I really liked it you just left it on one spot for the whole sesh on that box. Very cool vid

and great job on learning to grind on that ledge. Over coming fear is a really great feeling, and sometimes it really hard to do.

and just to throw it out there, I think that videos look cooler when the rider isn’t wearing a helmet and all kinds of safety gear. It shows confidence

I like how you go forward on outspins…

Thanks muchly Matt :smiley: makes me want to make another vid today lol but im still too sore!! and pele im assumeing it would be alot easier to get distant on an out flip? as you can go faster into it whereas if i go faster into an outspin the cranks flip just a bit and bad things happen. :open_mouth: how did you find the song? :slight_smile:

Yep, freedom of choice. And freedom to post my opinion, which was mostly out of concern for the young, impressionable kids that might watch the video-and others like it, showing the rider(s) sans protective gear, namely helmets-and get the idea that it’s “cool” to not wear a helmet. I’ve seen countless videos posted here with the rider not wearing a helmet and never said a word about it; I guess that rather nasty fall at the beginning of the video prompted me to post a response.

So for the young kids reading this, it is definitley more “cool” to protect yourself and wear a helmet! It only takes one time. Again, it’s just better safe than sorry. I’ve seen first hand what can happen to someones head when it comes in contact with the ground. It ain’t pretty. Just use common sense.:slight_smile:

The song still sucked, in my opinion lol. But this one sucked in a less obnoxious way haha.

Yeah, I have no idea how people get a lot of distance on rolling spins. You can go much much further if u flip it. Props on the distance with u-spins.

I think the song matched really well. It gave the vid a good feel.

I think the video would have been better without the words though.

I think that the music was awesome, it fits your riding style really nicely, and it was nice to listen to.

Awesome video.

Completely understandable :slight_smile: i mean i was mighty scared when i was falling i’ll tell you now. next time i try to grind i think that i will be wearing a helmet for sure. still not as nasty as some rail falls though :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for caring though i appreciate it :smiley:

Thanks Pele :slight_smile: if i could flip them i would :stuck_out_tongue: i might re-learn sex changes next vid from seat backwards to seat in :smiley: