Yard of fun

I had one of the old Coker “Big Ones” with the heavy steel rim and the simple inverted Y frame. I sold it because it took up too much space, but secretly missed it.

Gadge pointed out a Nimbus 36 for sale on eBay (also advertised in this forum) and I bought it for slightly more than I intended to pay, but a bit less than the seller hoped to get.

It has the fancy shaped frame which is much more rigid, a KH “street” seat (less padding) and 125mm cranks.

I took it out for its first ride yesterday. It took about 5 or 6 goes before I could mount it, then 50 metres later I reached a gate and had to dismount.

Perfect comic timing: there was a herd of cows milling around the gate, and a couple of walkers who felt it was their duty to offer humour and advice as I tried to remount. It took two attempts this time.

A long blat along single track by the river, ducking under low branches, and having some “nearly moments” on the tighter turns, but soon I felt “dialed in” to the big wheel. A little bit harder than I remember, but I always used to ride on 150s.

I have to dismount for a wiggle gate, and my next freemount works first time, although a little wobbly. I cruise along the top of a high embankment around the nature reserve, then risk the steep rough slope down. To put this into context, on the KH24 with 165s, I can usually ride up this slope, but only just. On the 700c with 114s I can ride down it under control. On the 36 with 125s, I have to let it have its head, but thereis plenty of run out.

First UPD on a steep and uneven up slope. Some nice cruising, then I turn back, legs a little tired. (I’ve had a tough week of riding.) Back along the river bank, and a careless high speed dismount with a complete body roll.

Back to the car after an hour’s enjoyable ride.

The stiffer frame is much easier to ride than my old one. This is good fun.