Yankz! Sure Lace System

I’ve had a few close calls with laces and thought it was time to give the Yankz! system a go. Basically so far they’re working well. With the laces fitted you can adjust the shoes to be a good fit, and there are no bows to come undone and get caught up in the uni.

For anyone interested, I’ll keep a diary of how the Yankz! go, along with more pics etc at


lol that’s what wakeboard bindings use, i may order some laces and a system for wakeboard bindings, cuz that’s awesome.

I have a couple sets of Yanks, they are all the rage in triathlons because they let you get into your shoes and tighten them up quickly in the transition area. I don’t know that I would like them for riding as they are elastic and have some give and I prefer a tighter fit with pedals.

The Yankz are working out great for me.

It took some fiddling around to get the tension in the laces overall just right as well as the the tension/fit provided by two clamps. The 5.10’s are already a snug fit on my feet, if anything they’re a little more comfortable now with the Yankz.

Good fun to no longer need to check laces during a ride.