Yahoo Talent Show Video Contest

Hey, is anyone going to enter the yahoo talent show? I think some good unicyclist should make a sweet video or use an already sweet video they have and submit them. You can submit up to 50 videos! Here are the rules. I think Koxx One has some good video’s they could enter as well as everyone else that has sweet vids like Ryan Atkins, Shawn J, and even Dan Heaton. Maybe someone should tell those guys about it?

Anyways, just thought I’d post this since I did a search and found nothing on it. I thought for sure some people would be all over this…

Suprised no one has commented?! I take it no one is going to enter this? Or maybe they want to keep it a secret so there aren’t a bunch of them?

I heard you’re pretty good, at least I consider lvl 10 (or 11) pretty darn good…

You should enter the yahoo talent show. I’d vote for you.

I’m decent but have no video camera and/or software to edit them. I do have a digital camera but the quality of it would suck! Plus I think street/trials would be better for this and appeal to more people than freestyle. I’m just getting into street/trials. Actually going for a ride in an hour or so!

Have fun!

hum euh

Mh I have to admit Lvl 2 with not even 3 months unicycling won t put myself to shame lol there is not much suprise not many people reply.
What i wanted to ask was wether you guys knew about a place where less talented/experieced people could put there vids so that other unicyclists can judge? Wouldn’t mind some proper advice on them…

That would be either in the Video section or in the RSU section of this forum.

I would personally make a thread announcing the video in RSU, but also make the thread with the actual link in the video section, then people can read it in RSU, click the link to take them to the actual thread in the video section, and then people will watch.

Ask for people to judge you and give hints, and lots of people will. =p