Yabba-dabba-doo :)

Tonight I just went about 12 feet w/o touching anything!!! :slight_smile:
I did it twice. Second time I had to grab everything I could because I was going so fast and didn’t want to plant myself into the lamp-post!
oldfatboy is stoked! Gotta give my legs a break and head back out there. Between the rush and heart pumping, I figured ofb better calm down and relax and give my ole ticker time to catch up :wink:
Naw, really, I ain’t excited!

haha nice!!! it feels so good that first time when u get up doesn’t it!?

its just like ur first time masturb…excuse me for a moment please.

AHAH ! :smiley:

anyway good 4 u oldfatboy keep up the practice. You seem important when you use the third person to talk about yourself

sorry for my english

hooah to ya


once you get going a little more consistent, try riding up into that wheelchair ramp to slow you up a little. The hill in my driveway is what helped me slow down


Re: Yabba-dabba-doo :slight_smile:

GREAT!! That’s the news we have been waiting for. Keep turning that wheel.

Thanks for all the encouragement. I knew I could do it, but was honestly getting a little frustrated with how long it seemed to be taking me.
Wheel Rider, yes, I will keep turning that wheel, but right now, I can’t put into words what that wheel is turning me into after just a brief time on it :wink:

Way to go!!
And guess what? It just gets better and better from now on.


Make that close to 20’ today (about 3 different times)!!! :slight_smile:
I honestly could have gone a little further, but there is a lamp-post about another 15-20 ft directly in front of me and I don’t want to lose balance and start falling into that thing. It has a horizontal bar about chest high. If I lost balance and headed for that thing, it would get ugly.
So, I grabbed the post and handrail and stopped.
Had to take a breather (been out about 2 hrs), so wanted to pass along the good news :slight_smile:

hehe, I remember thosefirst couple of feet. Then I went down to the park for some practicing, they have a nice flat track. I was amazed to get 232 feet :slight_smile: My dad counted the revolutions, I did the math. Your almost there, keep it up


Great job, I remember when I first started getting places. I was so stoked… I’m still stoked! Hooray for landed uni spins!

By the time I get to go to the tennis court to practice, I won’t need it :wink:
I noticed I am starting to relax my leg muscles too. Today, I was out for almost 2 hrs before having to take a break.

Two hours?

Wow! You are dedicated.

The more experienced folks here can give you a lot of sage advice. The only thing I can add is to resist the urge to look down. Keep your eyesight on the horizon, keep your weight firmly in the saddle and pedal smoothly.

Before you know it, you’ll be cruising 100 yards and will really be screaming Yabba-dabba-doo!!!


Now here is another thing to watch out for. You will be wearing out the inner thighs of your pants legs. Be sure to wear old clothes that you don’t mind wearing holes in. Then again it takes several months of frequent, sweaty riding to wear through cotton pants.

And patmoore’s comment about keeping your point of vision up, that is an excellent comment. Don’t look down just in front of your wheel. Look forward 15 to 20 feet or more. That will help with your balance.

I never thought about the pants. Thanks for that info.
Never look down…vertigo! hmm, maybe that is my problem now :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your help and encouragement everybody.

Well done oldfatboy !

I only learned a few months ago and the feeling is still fresh in my head.

Before you know it, you’ll be going grocery shopping twice a day, just so you can ride your uni there and back :sunglasses:


which reminds me of one of my favourite comments made on this forum


I knew I had reached a milestone when my wife sent me to the store for a half dozen eggs and I got 'em home intact!

That’s *funny" you guys say that because I have wondered if it would be possible to go to the store for a jug of milk or some bread, etc. The store here is only 3/4 mile away and one of those gas station/quick stops is only 1/4 mile away.

I will have to find out (for myself) which will be easier. Getting something from the store or crossing 4 railroad tracks so I can ride around the square here in Rupert, ID.
The square is a block in the center of town. It is a park/picnic area and the 2 lane road is one way all the way around the square.