Yaaargh- problems with painted uni

So yesterday i was so excited about painted my yuni frame on my muni. i spent a couple hours sandpapering the entire frame. i put on the primer, and it seemed to stick perfectly. i waited the appropriate amount of time and then painted the entire thing dark red. after a few more coats i even dared to paint the bottom half yellow and fade it into the red. the flames looked incredible. they would make anyone, even someone not in hell on wheel, proud. i painted the maincaps and the cranks. my mistake was painting the seat post. so when it all dried and today i went to assemble the beauty, I realized that there would be no way I could fit the seat post onto the frame. after twenty minutes of wrangling i got it in. then i looked at the frame and my heart sank. through my wrangling i had destroyed the paint job i had just been so proud of. to make matters worse, i had forgotten to put the qr on. so now i have to redo everything. as i am writing this the primer is drying over the ill-fated first attempt. poo. perhaps once it is assembled and scratch free, i will take some pics and post the beauty for the minute that it looks good before i take it on the trail…

crap like this always happens to me :frowning:

Re: Yaaargh- problems with painted uni

why r u complaining?

seems to me u just took a short-cut and created the world’s first UPD-Custom paint job?

ps. the johnhimsworth quote is from this thread


I love that quote by Jonh!

But if you are going to paint a frame, why not get it powdercoated? Ok, so it does cost a little bit more, but it lasts much long.

If the paint came off when you were just putting the seat post on, what is it going to be like when you come off on trail?

Joe, - I powdercoat my unis :slight_smile:

i didnt get it powdercoated because its an old frame- i had been riding with it just chrome for 6 or 7 months.

i repainted it and it looks even nicer. i wrapped clear tape around the frame in hopes of saving the paint. the tape will probably teat off and look even orse than the first crummy paint job but im up for trying anything. ill tell you how it goes…

Dont forget a nice coat of clear over top of everything to protect it, I’ve had mixed results on painting frames, the frist frame I painted lasted in decent shape for quite a while, my latest attempt of pink with sparkles didnt hold up long at all, I blame that on the spray paint I used, pink is harder to find than you might guess. And I ended up using a non enamle spray paint.

My next trials frame is deffenatlly going to be powdercoated pink and if I can find it with some big flake glitter to top it off. Paint only last so long, I dont know how bikes are painted and it last so long looking good.


I would guess that bikes are powdercoated

i just got back from a BRIEF muni ride, 20 minutes probably to test out the frame. so far so good. like i said above, i wrapped clear tape around the fork to prevent the paint from coming off. i also wrapped blue tape around the seatpost and top of the frame as a sort of handle. the paint was kind of sticky so i needed to cover it. so, the end results: the frame looks great, not as good as it could be if it was powdercoated, but great! the tape blends the yellow and red together to make it look even more like flames. the only prob thus far is that some of the paint on the crankarms wiped off when my foot would accidently rub against it. but that was expected.

Some bike frames are stove enamelled, which supposedly lasts a bit longer than powder coat and looks lovely and shiny.


Commercial painting onto metal is often done using a process that somehow uses static electricity to bond the paint to the surface. I don’t know what this is called, if it’s actually used on bikes (it’s used on cars), or if I described it right. Suffice it to say that a factory paint job is nothing like a home spraypaint job.

Baked enamel and powdercoating are both stronger than factory paint, and way, way stronger than a home paint job.

Painting over chrome, probably even if you rough it up real good, is probably going to come off very easily.

Chrome is the strongest of all. Wouldn’t it be nice if chrome came in different colors?

That’s why I prefer chrome over paint in most cases. Most of the scratches and dings on my unicycles come from:

  1. Loading in and out of the car, usually with other unicycles.
  2. Parking it (people will think they’re being helpful by leaning my unicycle with the painted part against a piece of concrete or a rock).
  3. Stuff that happens while riding/dismounting it.

My favorite powdercoating and the one I will get done to my mUni when it needs to be repainted is a clear coat. Clear coat on steel looks awesome IMHO. Especially after the frame gets a few scratches and you get some rust lines on the frame! You also get to see the nice blue from the welds.

Here are some nice close-ups of a clear powder job

John I was going to get this done to my mountain bike because with that technique they can paint on amazing detailed paint designs. Unfortunatly I was informed that something can only be magnetically charged and painted this way ONCE and that it cannot be done after a paint job has already been applied…it must be the first paint ever applied to the metal. So I couldn’t get it done.

I was going to have them do my bike in the “Real Tree”(camo) design :slight_smile:

Hey, wait a minute. Those are close ups of a b*ke! What are you trying to pull here! :angry: :wink:

<====== runs away :stuck_out_tongue:

Please post a pic of the flame uni it sounds fairly cool!!

maybe in the next couple weeks. i dont have a digital camera but someone at school might.

I read muniracer’s painting exploits with great empathy. I recently decided to give myself a weekend project of stripping my (common as air) orange Summit and repainting with something really, really unique – say, black. However, after a total of about 4 days of obsessing over this project, each time I rode passed a set of cement steps paint would just fly off the frame. Go figure! Thus, either today or tomorrow I’m expecting a shipment from Darren Bedford and my new, surely one-of-a-kind, black, powder coated Summit. I’ve given-up on paint. Also, I’m in the market to have my Wyganowski chromed if anybody has a chromer that is does great work for barter.

just curious
what would u offer as barter?

I dunno, wheel truing? - However you’d have to pay for the shipping from So. Africa.

Hehehe. I’ve seen some bikers polishing cranks and frames to give them a “cool” look. It’s take a lot of time to polish even a set of cranks properly. It’s a bit chrome like. And then we, unicyclists, are trying to paint our frames.