xtremeride.com video of Kris

It looks like xtremeride.com is dead. They had a 26MB QuickTime video of Kris riding the North Shore. Anyone know if that video is available on another web site? Anyone know what happened to xtremeride.com?

i dont know what happened to it but i do know that 3 months ago i downloaded it and it was really crappy.it would speed up and slow down off and on.it was funny,it looked like Kris was going 100 per somtimes.

i tried it on a couple of computers so i know it was’nt that.

I really like that video. It was the first real mountain unicycling I ever saw when I downloaded it a few years ago. I’ve got it saved on my computer, but its to bad the sites down. They actually took that video down some time ago, before the site stoped working. The fast forwarding they do in the video is a little weird. I’m not sure what they where thinking.


I can still get it at:
http://www.xtremeride.net/main.html Click on Webisodes, You will need to have Macromedia Flash Player to get to the video link.

Jagur, I think that is the way they made it (the music does not speedup)

Ah, they changed to xtremeride.net without telling me. Thanks for finding the new site.

Gilby, can you change the link in your list of video links to point to xtremeride.net instead of xtremeride.com