Xtp ??

Dose KH hub fit on XTP frame ??? :thinking:


Thanks :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

This has to be the shortest Q&A thread ever. :smiley:

Actually NO it doesn’t. Spencer can’t fit his KH moment hub on his Black domina and the domina has the same bearing holder thickness and style as the xtp. The flanges are so wide that the spokes rub against the frame.

So a light filing will do it?

could do, that’s if you want to void your warranty completely and still risk it not fitting.

It definately will NOT fit. As sponge says the bearing housings are too wide and clash with the flanges of the hub.

It is good when you have a 50% chance of giving the right answer and you pick the wrong one. :slight_smile:


Bad :smiley: I realy liked the XTP frame, but i wanna ONZA tensile cranks on my uni :slight_smile:

if you can put a koxx frame on a kh hub and the koxx hub fits the xtp and the regular then…
but you would know better than i do.
how much of a difference is it?

I don’t understand what you are saying in that first part but this is what the KH bearing holders look like (this is actually the aluminum qu-ax but it looks the same)

You can see the bearing doesn’t sit in the center of the holder and the lip on the right side of that picture is really thin and the clearance on the kh hub is really tight as it is. On the XTP and domina frames the bearing does sit in the center of the holder so that is why it hits the flange.

This probably should have been stated in the original post, the older Onza/KH hubs probably have different dimensions then the moments. I would try to ask Roger again specifying the KH/Onza hub.

But he wanted the Tensile cranks, which are ISIS, and do fit on the KH moment hub. :slight_smile:

It rubs on the kh/onza hub too, not as bad but it does hit the flange.

so what DOES work with the XTP. Is it only the Koxx “isis” hub?

Hehe, this is terrible. “ISIS”. I guess it would be just too easy to make everything compatible.

everything?..haha, it seems as though NOTHING is compatible:p

Just Koxx.

So far, Nimbus, KH, Qu-Ax, Tensile fit together just fine. Ive probably missed a few other ISIS components that have been fitted together, but I cant think of those brand names right now.

shouldn’t everything that is true isis (not lioke koxx) fit together? its a specific pattern that all components, no matter of brand, should fit togteher. At least thats what i thought.

Yeah, that is what I was saying.